T-Pain Demands Strip Clubs Turn All TVs to Cartoon Network When He Enters

Lots of celebrities are known for having weird requests and demands when they’re backstage working, or even out relaxing. Some of these requests are surprisingly reasonable — Van Halen’s infamous request for no brown M&Ms backstage, for example, was actually a test to make sure their crews could handle the complicated and dangerous pyrotechnics in the tour.

Some requests are rather extravagant, but not too insane, like Beyonce’s specific preferred temperature in her dressing room. And other celebrities are just plain demanding, to the point of being difficult to work with.

What about rapper T-Pain? The rapper has lost money recently but is still incredibly rich and successful. With his resources, what kind of accommodations does he require?

T-Pain’s fame

T-Pain | Leon Bennett/WireImage

T-Pain released his first studio album, Rappa Ternt Sanga, in 2005, which gave him two top-ten singles: “I’m Sprung” at number 8, and “I’m ‘n Luv (Wit a Stripper)” at number 5. He continued making music and putting singles on the top ten charts, and earned two Grammy Awards for musical collaborations with Jamie Foxx and Kanye West.

His signature style includes heavy use of autotune, which was a huge inspiration for Kanye West’s 2008 album 808s and Heartbreak. More recently, T-Pain won the first season of TV competition The Masked Singer, so his fame isn’t fading any time soon.

The Rapper’s tastes

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A lot of T-Pain’s songs are about partying, woman, and living extravagantly. It therefore makes sense that his personal lifestyle would include a lot of luxuries. When showing off his house on MTV Cribs in 2008, he showed viewers several expensive cars, a full kitchen staff, and a massive game room featuring whole arcade cabinets.

T-Pain also loves cartoons. He created his own cartoon musical called Freaknik: The Musical that aired on Adult Swim in 2010, and has appeared on other Cartoon Network shows. His tastes in cartoons are varied, and range from children’s shows such as Chowder to anime like My Hero Academia. He considers his work on Freaknik: The Musical to be an incredibly important achievement among his awards and hit singles.

Despite his many songs about partying and women, T-Pain been married to the same woman for nearly two decades. T-Pain and his wife Amber Najm have an open marriage and are okay with each other sleeping with women outside their marriage. 

While they have boundaries with each other and aren’t completely polyamorous, this does mean that they’re allowed to do things that those in more monogamous marriages might be opposed to. They can share an attractive bedmate, and T-Pain won’t get in trouble with his wife for going out to a strip club.

T-Pain’s strip club preferences

On the YouTube interview show Hot Ones hosted by Sean Evans, T-Pain talked about his preferences for when he goes to strip clubs. T-Pain at the strip club will ask the manager to turn every TV to Cartoon Network, but he has tips and practices that could apply to most people.

And since T-Pain released a whole song about being In Luv (Wit a Stripper), he would certainly know how to have a good time at the strip club.

One piece of advice T-Pain has is to not spend too much money too fast. According to T-Pain, spending massive amounts of money at the club isn’t totally necessary. He also talked about his favorite strip club, the Claremont Lounge in Atlanta. He even suggested which of his songs to request for a personal dance at a strip club: Long Lap Dance Song, since it’s the longest and it’ll “get the most out of your dance.”

You might not be as much of a strip club connoisseur as T-Pain, and you might not be interested in cartoons while you’re at the club. Regardless, if you’re out on a stag night or raunchy birthday, you might want to take some of T-Pain’s advice with you to have a good time.