Tabitha Brown Admits Becoming Vegan Saved Her from Chronic Pain

Tabitha Brown is a viral sensation on social media right now. People not only watch her to check out her vegan recipes and lifestyle information but also just for her warm energy. Appearing on the Facebook Watch show Red Table Talk, Brown talked more about becoming a vegan and first going viral.

Tabitha Brown
Tabitha Brown | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Tabitha Brown is a social media phenomenon

Brown, a Los Angeles-baased actress, first went viral on TikTok and then her videos started migrating to other platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

She soon became a lauded vegan influencer. She even landed her own show on the Ellen Digital Network (EllenTube). The show, All Love, features Brown giving advice on parenting, cooking, and self-care.

Tabitha Brown appears on ‘Red Table Talk’

On Red Table Talk, Jada Pinkett Smith asked Brown did she think she’d become the most viral vegan home cook in the world and Brown said no and that she never even thought she’d be vegan period. She revealed that she became vegan after being sick for about a year and a half.

“My body started to attack itself, and I would go to the doctor every week, every month, [to get] MRIs [and] bloodwork, and everything would come back normal…I literally thought I was gonna die,” she explained. I grew up in the church. I prided myself on being a woman of faith, but my faith had got completely wavered and shaken…I had what I call ‘my coming to Jesus moment’ in the bathroom one day. I was really in search of seeing my soul and they say the only way you can see that is through your eyes.”

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She said that she cried and prayed. “I said, ‘God this is my final call but I’m asking you, if you heal me, you can have me.’ I had lost my way…but that day I was like ‘I’m going to pull from wherever I can and this is gonna be it.’”

How Tabitha Brown started doing her videos

Two weeks after this, Brown said that she had a dream in which she was “free and happy.” She said she heard a voice that told her to start making videos.

She said, “I said, ‘Wait a minute, no, I ain’t gon’ do no videos.’…and then He [God] reminded me. He said, ‘Remember about two weeks ago in the bathroom you said if I heal you, I can have you?’ I did say it, so I said, ‘OK now, I gotta trust this and I gotta be obedient.’”

After this, she and her daughter watched the What the Health documentary, and the part about hereditary diseases struck a chord with her.

“People get sick and they die very young in my family…the only common denominator that I could think of was meat and it was also the only thing I had not tried [cutting out]. I had tried every drug the doctor offered me for the last year and a half.” She told her husband to do a 30-day vegan diet with her. As the days went by, Brown said her headaches disappeared and she regained her energy. She decided to continue the challenge and become vegan.

After this, she said the voice told her to tell folks what she was eating. She happened to begin driving for Uber and dropped someone off at Whole Foods.”You know Whole Foods always got a vegan option… [so I] went in there to get me some breakfast and I was like, ‘Vegan bacon? Who did that?’ I ain’t ever heard of that before because I’m still a new vegan,” she said. “It was like a sandwich called a TTLA.” 

She uploaded the video, it went viral, and Whole Foods reached out to her to become an ambassador. From this moment, the rest is history!

Watch the full episode on Facebook.