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Taika Waititi is a talented director, actor, comedian, and all-around charming individual. The New Zealand filmmaker has also become widely recognized as a fashion icon. Taika Waititi’s style is unique and perfectly showcases his fun-loving personality. But fans might be surprised to learn his clothing choices don’t take much planning. He has an interesting way of picking out what to wear. 

Taika Waititi’s style is simple: Wear ‘whatever doesn’t smell like s***’

Taika Waititi style fashion
Taika Waititi | Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images for Disney

Though he may be known as a fashion icon, Taika Waititi doesn’t put a whole lot of thought into his wardrobe. In a recent Wired interview, the star revealed his interesting approach to choosing what to wear each day. 

Asked how he would describe his fashion, Waititi replied, “Usually, it’s wake up, and whatever doesn’t smell like s***, I put it on.”

This intriguing bit of information isn’t surprising if you think about it. Photos of Waititi often show him wearing various patterns and bold colors that not many people could pull off. 

The charming director seems to have an uncanny ability to combine those wild patterns and vivid colors into a work of art. But it turns out Taika Waititi’s style is partly thanks to dumb luck. 

Taika Waititi’s style is constantly changing

In addition to delivering artistic looks, the Thor: Love and Thunder director always surprises with a wide array of fashion choices. Though many celebrities stick with a similar look (think Ryan Gosling’s slim suits or Vin Diesel’s jeans and leather jackets), Taika Waititi’s style changes like the weather. 

Mr Porter calls Waititi an “unlikely” style icon but commends his ability to pair the right amounts of “smart and silly.” His charm enhances every look, as Waititi always appears to be having fun. The 46-year-old embraces his tousled salt-and-pepper locks and exudes a laid-back vibe wherever he goes. 

His easygoing attitude and fun personality (and the sniff test) are central to Waititi’s ever-changing sense of style. We’re willing to bet his closet isn’t full of the same suit in 12 colors. He’ll hit the red carpet one night in jeans and a classic black peacoat, and for the next event, he’ll sport a banana-print button-up and monk-strap shoes. It’s anyone’s guess what Waititi will wear next, and that makes him even more delightful. 

From pineapples to panthers

The Cut looked back at some of the wackiest Taika Waititi styles, and the roundup is eclectic. Topping the list is Waititi’s love of pineapples — the director has been spotted in several pineapple-print pieces, including rompers and button-ups. Actually, the filmmaker seems to have a thing for yellow fruit because he also has a banana-covered shirt. 

Next up on Waititi’s iconic style list: the embellished jacket. Now, an embellished jacket is not a look many grown men can pull off, but The Mandalorian actor smolders in it. Some of our favorites are a white bomber jacket covered in logos and an unforgettable black panther jacket. 


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Waititi also likes to accessorize. The Jojo Rabbit director loves hats — the funkier the better. He regularly tops off his ensembles with an awesome toque, from patterned baseball caps to cowboy hats to classic newsboy caps. 

Last but not least, Waititi embraces the unique look of buttoning his shirts all the way up. While most men leave the top couple of buttons undone, Waititi nearly always wears his shirts up to his neck. The buttoned-up-to-the-collar look is just another way Waititi stands out as a fashion icon.