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One Star Wars project that many fans are curious about is a movie being written and directed by Taika Waititi. The project was announced by Lucasfilm a while ago, but not many details have been shared. Waititi provided a recent update on his Star Wars project, saying it hasn’t been approved by the studio yet. 

Taika Waititi is an incredibly busy filmmaker at the moment

Star Wars director Taika Waititi attends the Los Angeles premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder
Taika Waititi | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Waititi is a name that seems to be attached to dozens of projects at the moment. After gaining recognition through smaller movies like What We Do in the Shadows, he became a sought-after director after his work on Thor: Ragnarok. He then won an Academy Award for Jojo Rabbit, proving him to be one of the finest storytellers working today. 

Additionally, the New Zealand director is involved in television projects like Reservation Dogs and Our Flag Means Death on HBO Max. He also has been an actor in several new projects including Free Guy, The Suicide Squad, and Lightyear. His latest movie, Thor: Love and Thunder, brings him back to the world of Marvel and he will soon be joining the world of Star Wars

Taika Waititi says his ‘Star Wars’ movie has not been approved yet

Taika Waititi has been working on his Star Wars project for a while now as he is still trying to figure out the perfect story. In an interview with The New York Times, the director gave a statement that could be disheartening to fans. He said that his Star Wars story has not been approved yet, which could determine whether his movie gets made or not. 

“I’m trying to write the Star Wars idea at the moment,” he said. “I’ve got to see how that goes, because once I submit it, that might determine when it gets made or if it gets made, even.”

Star Wars fans could also be waiting a while for this movie as Waititi recently shared with The Wrap that he has a lot on his plate and will most likely not be able to start production on it until 2023. 

“I’m going to be in New Zealand from August until the end of the year with [HBO Max series] Our Flag Means Death and [Apple TV+ pilot] Time Bandits and during that time I will still be writing. I’m still trying to figure out what the story is.”

The director wants to expand the ‘Star Wars’ universe


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While Taika Waititi has not explained what his Star Wars movie will be about, he did hint that he wants to take the universe to new places. This means that he will be moving away from anything to do with the Skywalker family or surrounding characters. 

“Look, I think for the Star Wars universe to expand, it has to expand,” Waitiiti told Gamesradar. “I don’t think that I’m any use in the Star Wars universe making a film where everyone’s like, ‘Oh great, well that’s the blueprints to the Millennium Falcon, ah that’s Chewbacca’s grandmother.’ That all stands alone, that’s great, though I would like to take something new and create some new characters and just expand the world, otherwise it feels like it’s a very small story.”

Thor: Love and Thunder arrives in theaters on July 8.