Popular 90s Actor Recalls Bad Breakup With Rapper Nate Dogg and Beef With ‘RHOA’s’ Porsha Williams

Every good girl loves a bad boy and for The Wood star Tamala Jones, her bad boy was West Coast rap legend, Nate Dogg. The couple were a hot item at one point but split in a contentious breakup. 

Nate Dogg and Tamala Jones
Nate Dogg and Tamala Jones during “Style by the Shore” Fashion Show 2002 | A. Nevader/WireImage

Jones also dated a wealthy oil tycoon. That relationship led to a shocking beef between her and RHOA star Porsha Williams. Williams and Jones aired out their issues on social media. 

Tamala Jones says Nate Dogg had two different sides to him

Jones and Dogg dated in the early 2000s. According to Jones, the relationship was short, lasting just a few months. But during their brief romance, she saw totally different sides to his personality.

“I’m not going to totally destroy his image but this is a man that grew up in a church,” she told Vlad TV in a 2018 interview. “His mother was the choir leader in the church and his father was the minister. That’s who I met. So when people are so judgy, they’re like, ‘You dated Nate Dogg!’ I’m like you don’t know who I dated. You just know what you saw.”

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She says she later learned that Dogg wanted to marry her. However, he derailed his plans after an interview with Wendy Williams on her infamous radio show. During the interview, Jones says Williams told Dogg false rumors about her sleeping around in Hollywood.

“So, for somebody that’s gangster, to hear that the woman that he adores is a w—e, he went off,” she recalled. “He never told me that that’s what happened. I learned after the bad breakup that that is what actually happened…I could have lost my life.”

The ‘Booty Call’ star calls out Porsha Williams

Jones revealed in the same interview with Vlad that she dated Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, the son of an African dictator, for over a decade. They split in 2014. Simultaneously, Williams was reportedly dating the same man, which was said to be a contributing factor in his breakup with Jones. Jones took a stab at Williams on social media.

“@Porsha4real Miss Porsha Williams, Now you know you should shame the devil & tell the truth! U grew up in the church & lying was never…You may have a man, but the one your claiming belongs to me! Check your pr or your head, but don’t step on my toes,” Jones wrote on Twitter.

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Williams denied that she dated Mangue. She also said she was not even aware of who he was. 

Per FOX New York, Williams threw her own shade back at Jones, Tweeting, “Please Stop tweeting me. DM me so I can teach you how to release a official statement so you can claim your man #childish TMZ came up with the story. Take it up with them and your man. You seem cool. Stop embarrassing yourself. #notinterestedinhim”

Jones’ publicist then sent the RHOA star a message, asking her to stop the madness. “Hello Porsha, this is @tamalajones Publicist. Your Latest comment was very unnecessary,” she wrote. “My client has not mentioned you in a negative regard. Please refrain from any publicity antics you are trying to pull. My client is a well-known and respected actress and wishes not to be pulled into any media or television drama. TY have a great Day.”