Tamar Braxton Addresses Rumors That ‘Braxton Family Values’ May be Canceled

Braxton Family Values has been on the air since 2011 and is loved by millions of fans. But in mid-February, it was reported that the hit WE tv series was in danger of being canceled.

The network has yet to comment on the report, but Tamar Braxton has taken it upon herself to set the record straight. She went on Twitter to address the rumors and revealed what’s really going on. Here’s what to know about the alleged possible cancelation and what Tamar had to say about it.

Tamar Braxton onstage at an event in 2017
Tamar Braxton onstage at an event in 2017 | Prince Williams/WireImage

A look back at the report

Rumors about the show possibly being canceled emerged on Feb. 19 after the entertainment website The Jasmine Brand reported that lots of drama had been going on behind the scenes.

“It’s a strong possibility that the show will be canceled,” a source told the outlet. “Ratings have declined.” Additionally, the source said, there were contractual issues.

“The sisters are not interested in what the network is offering in terms of a contract,” the insider continued. The source did not share any information regarding the numbers or potential negotiations. But they did claim that Tamar “is no longer under contract with them.”

The report stunned fans, including Wendy Williams, who shared the news during the Hot Topics segment of her eponymous talk show on Feb. 20.

Tamar Braxton comments on the alleged possible cancelation of ‘Braxton Family Values’

As the report continued to circulate the Internet, a fan took to Twitter and asked Tamar directly about the show’s future.

“So is BFV not coming back[?] I miss seeing y’all,” the fan tweeted. In response, the Love and War singer assured fans that the rumor is not true.

“Hey boo! Stop listening to people’s ‘friends at we tv’,” she wrote in a since-deleted tweet that was captured by the entertainment blog GossipOfTheCity (via Celebrity Insider). “We started shooting last year and we finish this month.”

Tamar also pointed out: “As far as ratings and rumors, it’s still #1 on the network.” Lastly, she seemingly went on to shade Williams for spreading the rumor about her family’s show, writing, “At least we not tied with Jerry Springer reruns.”


Another sister offered up more details about the upcoming season

Trina Braxton also chimed in on an Instagram post that The Jasmine Brand shared about the show’s potential cancellation, telling fans that BFV will return in March.

They didn’t share why season seven is taking so long to come out, but at the end of season six — which wrapped in June 2019 — it was reported that the sisters were taking a break from filming to mourn and regroup following the sudden death of their niece, Lauren. She passed in April 2019 from a heroin overdose and fentanyl intoxication, according to E! News.

When more details about the forthcoming season become available, we’ll be sure to let you know. But for now, there are plenty of reruns out there for your viewing pleasure.