Tamar Braxton Blames Reality Show for Her Ex David Adefeso Being Portrayed as Controlling and Abusive

Despite Tamar Braxton’s ex David Adefeso taking out a restraining order against her, Braxton refuses to trash talk him. Fans of Braxton believe Adefeso was controlling and potentially abusive in their relationship, but Braxton denies such. In fact, she says Adefeso’s negative portrayal is the result of reality show producers dedicated to making her look bad. 

David Adefeso and Tamar Braxton
David Adefeso and Tamar Braxton | Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Tamar Braxton’s reality series showed David Adefeso as controlling and jealous

Prior to Get Ya Life airing, sources close to production told The Jasmine Brand that Adefeso’s involvement in the show was “alarming.”

“David constantly acted like he wanted to be behind-the-scenes and didn’t want to be on camera, but when production began he was always trying to be on camera. Even when he wasn’t scheduled to be in a scene,” they said. “He would make sure that he was involved in some way and would make the scene about him so that he could get more time on camera. He wanted this to be the ‘David and Tamar’ show.”

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On the show, Adefeso argued with Braxton over everything from him not liking the way she co-parented with her ex – to what business and personal decisions she made. Braxton worked with a dream coach, which Adefeso did not like. He likened the dream coach’s work to witchcraft. 

Adefeso also reportedly refused to film the show if Braxton’s ex-husband Vincent Herbert participated. Mona Scott Young, the executive producer of the show, confirmed such. In one episode, Adefeso left Braxton’s home in anger upon discovering Herbert dropped her son off without Adefeso’s knowledge. 

Rumors surface about abuse between David Adefeso and Tamar Braxton

Braxton and Adefeso got into a major altercation on Aug. 30, 2020. While Braxton won’t detail what happened due to legal issues between her and Adefeso, Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee released photos of Braxton with bruises on her arm that he claimed Braxton told him were from Adefeso.

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Adefeso filed for a restraining order against Braxton alleging she’d been physically abusive. He noted several incidents in the report, including their final blowup that he says resulted in him nearly losing focus from being hit in the jugular by Braxton.

Conflicting reports allege that Adefeso was the aggressor and threatened to kill Braxton in a murder-suicide. He allegedly grabbed her arm and she retaliated by hitting him. Braxton told Tamron Hall that she has audio of the incident. Adefeso also claims he has video footage to prove his account.

Tamar Braxton denies being abused by David Adefeso; says reality show is to blame for his portrayal

Braxton denies that her relationship with Adefeso was abusive of any sort. While speaking with Lee, Braxton said of the fight in question:

That day in the car was a horrible day and it was a lot of emotions. It was a lot happening. And I’m not making excuses for him…It was probably the worst argument I’ve ever been in my life. But I’m going to tell you that David and I were not in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship. But that was the worst argument we’ve ever had in our lives.

Tamar Braxton on Hollywood Unlocked

In regard to Adefeso being controlling in their relationship, Braxton says it’s simply untrue. She says Adefeso was an amazing partner and supportive and blames shady production on creating a false narrative.

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“Why is it when a man cares about his woman, is concerned about his woman, asks about people that are in her life, protects his woman—why is he called controlling? Why can’t he be looking out for his woman,” she asked. “I don’t really understand that. We all say we want a strong Black man, we want somebody to protect us and love us but when they do that, we openly call them controlling. So what is it that we want?”

Adefeso was granted the restraining order against Braxton. Braxton says she has not spoken to Adefeso since their last argument.