Tamar Braxton Clarifies ‘Coronavirus Miracle Baby’ Post After Backlash

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, a lot more celebrities are finding themselves with more time on their hands than usual. Many of them are using social media more now that they have more availability, but some, like Tamar Braxton, have come under fire for coronavirus-related posts.

Tamar Braxton
Tamar Braxton | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Tamar Braxton previously received backlash for a coronavirus comment

On Twitter, she said, “Hello, my name is Tamar Braxton & I officially OVER IT!! This cooking, cleaning, going to the grocery store every day is not what I want to do with my time. It was cute at first, but it has totally played itself out. Coronavirus please hurry & clear TF up. I want my life back. Thnx.”

People immediately started replying to her, talking about how this wasn’t anything to joke about and how this was a really serious matter that should be taken more seriously.

“Chill and be grateful. Some people won’t actually have a life to get back…. some people are dying from this and other [sic] will never be the same,” said one person.

Another person added, “well some people still have to go to work and don’t have the benefit of staying home because we have to work in those service industries. Think before you speak. People have it bad out here.”

She stirred up some controversy again with another post

In another recent post that was centered around the coronavirus, Braxton once again stoked controversy. On her Instagram story, Braxton seemed to take baby cabin fever to the extreme by writing, “Lord please give me a Coronavirus miracle baby,” accompanied by several of the praying hands’ emojis.

Before she could delete the Instagram, The Shade Room had already screenshot the post and fans took Braxton to task for once again making an ill-timed joke about the pandemic.

“Y’all really be focused on the wrong things,” commented one person.

Another person commented, “weird flex but okay girl.”

“This ain’t even cute or funny smh tacky af,” added someone else.

After the backlash, Braxton herself took to The Shade Room’s comments to clarify what she actually meant to say.

“I meant quarantined Miracle baby….I’m putting my phone down chile… this cabin fever,” she wrote.

It’s safe to say for the remainder the social distancing period we’re in, Braxton has learned to think before the posts.