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Tamar Braxton is blasting reports that her boyfriend David Adefeso is controlling. The Braxton Family Values star is still reeling from her hospitalization following issues with We TV over her reality series. She’s insisting that Adefeso is nothing but supportive throughout the ordeal. She also hints that her and Adefeso will be walking down the aisle soon.

David Adefeso and Tamar Braxton
David Adefeso and Tamar via Twitter

A recap of allegations of David Adefeso’s controlling behavior

TMZ reports that Adefeso became upset with his portrayal on Braxton’s We TV spinoff Get Ya Life. Insiders tell the media outlet that Braxton’s family finds his mention of Braxton’s issue with the network on his 911 call suspicious. The report also alleges that the Braxton family believes that Adefeso has too much involvement in Braxton’s business affairs.

A source who works on the production crew of Get Ya Life reveals to The Jasmine Brand that Adefeso plots to be on camera. The source also says Adefeso’s moods negatively affect Braxton.
Source: Instagram

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“David constantly acted like he wanted to be behind-the-scenes and didn’t want to be on camera, but when production began he was always trying to be on camera. Even when he wasn’t scheduled to be in a scene,” they said.  “He would make sure that he was involved in some way and would make the scene about him, so that he could get more time on camera. He wanted this to be the ‘David and Tamar’ show.”

Braxton’s older sister Towanda denies rumors the family has spoken to TMZ. Towanda is calling for the reports she says are false to cease.

Tamar Braxton thanks David Adefeso, says reports of him being controlling is a lie and reveals they are engaged 

Braxton is speaking out against claims of Adefeso being controlling. In a lengthy Instagram post, she shares an old video of her and Adefeso toasting to good times. Braxton says reports of his behavior are untrue.

“You have had my ENTIRE back. I will not allow anyone to call you controlling or “that’s that African man” like I don’t have a mind of my own cause without THIS African man, I simply would not be here,” she writes of her Nigerian born beau.
Source: Instagram

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Braxton says Adefeso is her “angel on earth” and that him and her son are her priority. She also hints to a marriage in the near future, ending the post with a diamond ring emoji. She writes, “Although I been said yes in this old video… now and then, I couldn’t imagine what life would be like if you weren’t by my side.”

Adefeso also professes his love, commenting under Braxton’s emotional post, “I love you. You love me. We love Logan. Together forever.” He also put a diamond ring and heart emojis with his comment.

Braxton and Adefeso have been dating for two years. The two met at a birthday party of a mutual friend. They live together with Braxton’s son from her previous marriage to Vincent Herbert.

Braxton’s been open about her desire to marry Adefeso and expand her family. It looks like that day is closer than fans expected.