Tamar Braxton Gives a Positive Update on Her Relationship With Her Sisters

For seven seasons, Braxton Family Values fans witnessed Toni Braxton and her four sisters’ personal and professional journeys. Now that Tamar is no longer part of the show, the future of the show is uncertain. 

The Braxton Sisters
The Braxton Sisters 2011 | Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Tamar blames many of her family’s problems on being on reality television. As a result, she’s been estranged from her sisters. Thankfully, Tamar says they are back on track to building tighter bonds.

Tamar Braxton blamed ‘Braxton Family Values’ for issues with her sisters

Tamar is no longer under contract with We TV for her family’s reality series. The Celebrity Big Brother winner was released from her obligations following years of complaints regarding production and pay.

She admits that in recent years, her relationships with her sisters became estranged. Tamar blames much of their issues on the drama from the show.

Per Tamar, the concept of the show was to document their family’s love and talent. But thanks to editing, the show took a different route.

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“I love my family and I don’t want to fight with my family…Now we’re at the point where it’s assaults and threats,” she told Tamron Hall. “This is not the show that I created. I created the ‘Braxton Family Values’ because I wanted to be an example part of the Black community with five Black amazing sisters, from all different walks of life, who can inspire and help and people can learn from our experiences along the way.

She unfollowed her family on Instagram after a trailer for the show featuring her family discussing her attempted suicide was released. Tamar accused the family and the network of exploitation.

A fan recently asked if she would consider following her sisters back on social media. She replied that she still hadn’t spoken to them all.

The “Love & War” singer says she’s rebuilding her relationships with her sisters

Just weeks after telling a fan that she hadn’t been in touch with all of her sisters, Tamar revealed to Hollywood Life that things are in a much better place.

“I can tell that with all of the changes that we have been making in our relationships with each other, [we’ve] been making amazing strides,” she said. “I’m so grateful for that. It was something very simple. [I’m] just so proud of the respect that we have for each other now. Family is a work in progress!” 

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The youngest Braxton sister also notes that her sisters are supportive and “proud” of the work she’s done since her attempted suicide.

Towanda recently shared similar sentiments during an interview with Hot 103.9, explaining the beloved reality show’s future is unclear as the family is focused on mending their bonds.

“We’re really uncertain at this time,” Towanda admits. “I think our family just needs some healing. It’s been a lot that’s transpired with Braxton Family Values with Tamar attempting suicide, the things that Traci was going through, and then us losing our niece. I think this is the time our family just needs to heal. If it happens, if we move on then we move on. If we don’t we’re fine and we thank everyone for supporting us…”