Tamar Braxton Hints to Potentially Making Peace With Loni Love After Years of Public Feuding

There may be an end to Tamar Braxton and Loni Love’s five-year feud on the horizon. Their drama began amid Braxton’s firing from The Real and accusations that Love was involved in Braxton’s termination. Braxton recently hinted to wanting to move forward in peace with Love.

Loni Love and Tamar Braxton
Loni Love and Tamar Braxton | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Tamar Braxton previously accused Loni Love of contributing to her being fired from ‘The Real’

Braxton was fired from The Real after three seasons co-hosting the show. Per Love B. Scott, advertisers allegedly found Braxton to be difficult to market due to her big personality. There were also rumors that Braxton was difficult to work with, citing her not getting along with her co-hosts. 

More specifically, the idea that Loni Love played a role in Braxton’s firing ran rampant and Braxton herself claimed a mutual friend of theirs confirmed such. Comedian Cookie Hull claims Love was jealous of Braxton’s success and position on the show.

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While Braxton was out on medical leave, Love supposedly sent the network emails pushing for Braxton to get fired, citing her medical condition at the time was a liability. Love also allegedly made notes to the producers that ratings weren’t affected by Braxton’s absence.

But Love alludes to Braxton’s former husband and manager Vincent Herbert being responsible for convincing Braxton that she had her fired. Love told The Breakfast Club hosts that Braxton confided in her that she wanted to replace Herbert as her manager.

Love claims she gave Braxton the contact information to a new talent manager and Herbert found out. Herbert was also allegedly well aware of Braxton’s job on the show being in jeopardy due to he and Braxton being executive producers of the show.

Tamar Braxton says she refuses to publicly feud with Loni Love moving forward

Braxton later revealed during an episode of her podcast Underconstruction that her former network We TV could have also contributed to her being fired from The Real. Per Braxton, the network felt her job on the show was too much competition with Braxton Family Values.

It’s unclear whether or not Braxton still believes Love played a part, but in a recent interview with Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked she makes it clear that she has no interest in feuding with Love publicly any longer.

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I honestly don’t know where things went wrong between Loni and myself because I looked at all of those girls as my sisters. What I don’t want to do now is perpetuate something between she and I again that would demonstrate us being negative toward each other in public. I just think that we have to take responsibility for the things that we do and participate in. And I’m just not going to participate in arguing with another Black person publicly ever again.

Tamar Braxton on Loni Love with Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked

Love has said she is open to having Braxton appear on The Real as a guest to discuss their issues once and for all. She’s also alleged that she’s tried contacting Braxton but Braxton has not been open to speaking with her.