Tamar Braxton Says Getting Fired From ‘The Real’ Began Her Sprial Into Depression

Tamar Braxton has been open about the pain and confusion she experienced amid the public fallout from her firing from ‘The Real.’ The “Love & War” singer admits to being embarrassed over the perception that she’s difficult to work with and admits that bouncing back from the humiliation has been difficult. In a new interview, Braxton says the firing marked the beginning of her depression.

Tamar Braxton with the hosts of 'The Real'
Tamar Braxton with the hosts of ‘The Real’ | Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Telepictures

A recap of Tamar Braxton’s firing from ‘The Real’

Braxton began hosting The Real during its summer test run in 2013. She co-hosted the show for two seasons before her firing in 2016. Love B. Scott was the first to report that Braxton was fired. 

Despite executives of the show releasing a statement claiming that they mutually part ways with Braxton, Scott’s report alleged that the network felt that Braxton was difficult to work with. Sources also claimed that Braxton’s personality was a turn off to major advertisers and that she did not read well with audiences during a focus group. 

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Braxton Family Values chronicled Braxton’s emotional discovery of her firing. In a lengthy now-deleted Instagram post, Braxton alluded to her former colleagues having a part in her termination. 

It was later alleged that Loni Love conspired to have Braxton fired over jealously, which Braxton says she has proof of. A former friend and employee of Love’s also claim that Love showed her emails she sent to the network vying to have Braxton fired.

Love has denied all involvement and says she believes Braxton’s firing temporarily tarnished the show’s reputation. She also says she’s open to speaking with Braxton to clear the air. 

Tamar Braxton says getting fired from ‘The Real’ started her depression 

Braxton visited Taraji P. Henson’s new Facebook Live series Peace of Mind to discuss her journey in bettering her mental health. While discussing her July 2020 attempted suicide, Braxton revealed that getting fired from ‘The Real’ was the start of her depression and downward spiral.

“The first time I knew that things weren’t normal is when everything went down with the real. I was in my bedroom, it was completely dark,” Braxton said, confirming with Henson’s co-host that she began to feel that she was in a fog. “You don’t shower, you don’t eat and you don’t know what day of the week it is or the time, and you don’t care.”

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Despite feeling so low, Braxton continued working on her reality series and touring to promote her music. She put on a brave face but admits she was struggling and embarrassed.

“I was able to hide it enough to pull myself, barely, out of there,” she continued, explaining that continuing with reality television did not help. “And then I go back to the same toxic lifestyle dealing with everything that happened to me prior and that is continually happening to me. From day to day, I was just barely sliding by,”

Braxton says that as time went on, working non-stop and constantly having to defend her reputation from her portrayal on ‘Braxton Family Values’ left her feeling choked.