Tamar Braxton Says She Refuses To Participate In Any Drama After K. Michelle Slander

After K. Michelle took jabs at Tamar Braxton, reigniting their old feud, many were holding their breath awaiting Braxton’s response. But despite Braxton being known for her ability to be opinionated and not back down from a challenge, the baby of the Braxton clan is making it known that she will not participate in any drama now or moving forward.

K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton
K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton via Twitter

K. Michelle claims Tamar Braxton had an affair with a married man and reignites years old feud

Braxton and K. Michelle famously feuded after Braxton made claims hinting that she did not believe K. Michelle’s story of being a domestic abuse survivor. Things got so bad between the two that Braxton sent K. Michelle a cease and desist letter after she claimed that she felt threatened by the former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star. 

After years of going back and forth, the two performed together during the 2015 BET Awards and called a truce. Though they agreed they weren’t friends, they both stated publicly that tearing each other down was unproductive.

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But things heated back up again after Braxton appeared on The Queens Supreme Court with TS Madison. During the interview, Madison asked Braxton if she’d participate in a Verzuz battle with K. Michelle. Braxton smiled and didn’t answer, leaving Madison to laugh.

K. Michelle took it as a diss and took to Instagram live days later. She took her shots at Braxton, calling her a muppet, which she’s previously called Braxton, leaving the Braxton Family Values star in tears.

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K. Michelle also made shocking allegations against Braxton, including that Braxton had an affair with music executive Michael Mauldin, who is also the father of Jermaine Dupri.

You were sleeping with Jermaine Dupri’s daddy. How you sleep with Jermaine Dupri’s daddy? And get your a*s beat by Jermaine Dupri’s momma in an elevator. But you want to talk to me? You want to talk about me? I don’t f*ck married men. Hmm…but you so holy.

K. Michelle, The Queens Supreme Court

Tamar Braxton says she won’t participate in any drama after K. Michelle makes shocking claims

Braxton never directly addressed K. Michelle’s rant, but during her YouTube series Couples In Quarantine, she spoke of not feeding into any negative behavior, which fans took as a subtle response.

“I’m at a different place in my life. I don’t want to be a part of any negativity of any kind,” she said.

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Braxton went on to explain that she became fed up with being associated with drama and that she’s taken the time during quarantine to reflect on past behavior. Moreso, with all of the issues surrounding race in America, she wants to uplift her community. She spoke on the negative stereotypes of Black women on reality television and how she’s been part of the problem and not the solution.

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During this time, being a black person, outside of being a black mother to being a black son and the anxiety that goes along with that, and having black nephews and just trying to make it in this environment…being professional, not having this stereotype of “the angry black woman” and not having the stereotype that comes along with being on reality TV -which is always being negative, always being problematic, always being messy or whatever. It’s almost like the work you do is covered by that.

Braxton previously stated during her appearance on Out Loud With Claudia Jordan that she would refrain from anything negative. Her recent statements on her YouTube channel echo her previous sentiments.