Tamar Braxton Says She’s Still Estranged From Her Sisters

Tamar Braxton admittedly did not have a great 2020. Luckily, she says she’s in a much better place. With a new podcast and her rebuilding severed relationships with family and friends, many are hoping the same happens with her famous sisters. Unfortunately, Tamar says she and her sisters are still estranged

The Braxton sisters
The Braxton sisters | Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Tamar Braxton blocks her sisters on social media

In October 2020, Madame Noire reported that Tamar unfollowed her sisters and mother on Instagram. The move came moments after We TV released the teaser for season 6 of Braxton Family Values with the family discussing Tamar’s attempted suicide.  

It wasn’t the first time Tamar either unfollowed or blocked members of her family from her social media accounts. Both Tamar and Traci were already not following one another on Instagram following their blowup that occurred during the finale of the previous season. 

Prior to blocking the entire family Tamar became upset with her family over them speaking negatively about her ex, David Adefeso. She says despite their bitter breakup and a restraining order filed by Adefeso, he was a good partner during their relationship. The restraining order has since been thrown out.

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She also previously stopped speaking to her mother and sisters for alleging that her ex-husband, Vincent Herbert, was physically abusive. Tamar argues that her family did not tell the full truth, admitting she felt blindsided by her their outspokenness. 

An emotional scene was aired on the show with her mother Ms. Evelyn crying over Tamar changing her number and her being unable to contact her daughter. Tamar also ignored Traci by driving off of a film set that Traci visited in an attempt to reconnect with Tamar.

The youngest Braxton tells fans she hasn’t spoken to all of her sisters 

Tamar has been speaking out about how she’s been healing since her attempted suicide. The Grammy-nominated singer says therapy is helpful and she’s also vowed to never participate in reality television again. Per Tamar reality television is partially responsible for her family’s issues.

She’s also been showing her family some love on social media, recently wishing Toni and her fiance Birdman a Happy Valentine’s Day. Tamar also wished Toni a Happy Birthday.

Her sisters returned the favor by wishing Tamar a Happy 44th Birthday on their respective social media accounts. Fans noticed that Tamar was not tagged in the posts, with Towanda specifically making it clear that Tamar still has her blocked.

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A Twitter fan mentioned such to Tamar, joking that it’s time for Tamar to unblock her sisters on social media. But Tamar says a conversation between them has to take place first.

“Let me talk to em [sic] all first baby & let’s see if they want me to? I love my sisters forever no matter what,” she wrote back.

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It’s unclear if the family will continue filming Braxton Family Values without Tamar but it’s clear that Tamar will not take part in any public reconciliation. She’s no longer under contract with We TV. Hopefully, the sisters finally find peace.