Tamar Braxton Slams Former Network We tv Over Not Treating ‘Braxton Family Values’ as a Success

Tamar Braxton is still not over the unfair treatment she says her former network We tv caused her and her famous family. She remained on the network for over a decade with her reality shows Braxton Family Values and two spinoffs: Tamar & Vince and Get Ya Life. Despite their success and seemingly reviving the network, Braxton says what she received back isn’t a fair trade.

'Braxton Family Values' cast pose on the red carpet
‘Braxton Family Values’ cast attends the WE tv Winter 2011 TCA Panel | Mathew Imaging/WireImage

The singer says despite their show being No. 1, they were not fairly compensated

Braxton Family Values premiered on We tv in 2011 and became an instant hit. The show chronicled the relationships between the five Braxton sisters, all of whom are musically gifted, and their mother. All of the sisters previously worked as background singers for eldest sister Toni before embarking on their own solo singing careers and business ventures. Outside of their own brands, Tamar claims they weren’t held to a high standard by the network for what they contributed to the network’s success.

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“Ya wanna know a fun fact? We have been the only and #1 Black all-female family show for the past 10 years and have NEVER been nominated or been fairly compensated for ANYTHING,” she began in an Instagram post of a throwback promotional photo of her and her sisters for the show.

Viewers watched as the sisters’ relationships deteriorated on the show. There were times they refused to film and didn’t speak for months. But in the Instagram post, Braxton notes that things are on the mend, writing, “Sometimes you have to be your OWN flower – we love each other and get along better than ever now.”

She ends the post with a message to We TV, writing, “Let that sink in…we forgive you #FOREVERTHEBRAXTONGIRLS.” 

It’s not the first time Tamar Braxton spoke out about not being paid adequately

Braxton began airing her grievances with the network around Season 5 of the series. According to her, she was painted as the problem child and poor editing tarnished her image. Furthermore, she spoke out saying their salaries were low compared to other popular reality shows on different networks.

“Are we going to talk about pay…I 100 percent wrote the theme song…where is the coin…our show is on Netflix… where is the coin…10 years on The air…we make 75 percent LESS than the Kardashians. How come there are no villains on that show,” the youngest Braxton sibling wrote in a Tweet in 2020.

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Braxton also said editors orchestrated drama to keep the ratings high. She told fans the show was to blame for her family’s ongoing issues and later asked to be let out of her contract.

“It used to be funny and fun. But some will say well you actually said or did the negative things. True but now true. It’s the context. And that’s why they do it. To ruin your credibility,” she wrote. 

Tamar Braxton accuses the network of exploitation

Things came to a head after Braxton’s July 2020 suidice attempt. Even then, she says the network refused to let her out of her contract and even exploited her pain by discussing her mental health on the show despite her no longer filming.

She was finally let go of her contractual obligations with We TV. Initially, she promised to never do reality television again. But as of lately, she’s hinted at making a return, even in the form of another family show.

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