Tamela Mann Gives Audience Hope Amid Trying Times in Baltimore: A Concert Review

There are some singers whose voices remind you that regardless of your religious beliefs, there is a higher power. Tamela Mann is a prime example, just because her voice and music is that moving and magical. She began her career as part of touring choirs before getting her big break with Tyler Perry. She’s been blessing the world through song ever since.

Tamela Mann during Stellar Awards - she recently performed in Baltimore
Tamela Mann 2020 | Central City Productions/Central City Productions via Getty Images

In the middle of a larger tour, Tamela stopped in Baltimore for a special Mother’s Day show. It wasn’t a show Tamela’s fans, or overall fans of Gospel music, would want to miss. There were also a few special guests. 

Tamela was the headliner, but she was joined on the Baltimore stop by Anthony Brown and Group therAPy, ½ of the Mary Mary duo Erica Campbell, and Donnie McClurkin. 

Brown got the crowd pumped during his set before closing out with his hit single “Worth.” Campbell performed several of her verses on Mary Mary hits but had the audience dancing and shouting with energized performances to her hit singles such as “I Luh God.” 

During the performance, Campbell made sure to note how important it is for older believers to be open-minded enough to reach younger believers in the current generation without judgment of their choices and provide fair guidance. She’s been particularly criticized for her decision to merge hip-hop beats with gospel music to reach a younger audience, but it’s an area she thrives in.

Before Tamela hit the stage, McClurkin gave renditions of his classics such as “Stand” mixed with other popular gospel songs. One moment that stood out was McClurkin’s decision to give his 6 background singers their time to shine by allowing them the chance to sing individually and acapella. 

Her husband, David Mann, introduced her to the crowd

Tamela has been married to her husband David since 1988. The couple have four children together, two of which are from David’s previous relationships. From the beginning, they’ve performed together, first with fellow gospel artist Kirk Franklin before Tyler Perry nagged them and included the married pair in his films, television shows, and stage plays. They have music together and even are currently on the second leg of their family tour, but David is by Tamela’s side every step of the way on her solo endeavors as her biggest cheerleader.

The Baltimore concert was no different. While the two opening acts were introduced to the crowd by local radio hosts, it was David to introduce the main event. Ever the comedian, he told quite a few jokes, even warning the audience members to be on their best behavior as a dig at Will Smith’s slapping of Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars. David explained that he fights back, but “in the name of Jesus.”

He introduced his wife and her three background singers, one of which is the couple’s daughter, Tia Mann. Tia has been performing background vocals for Tamela for several years and also has worked as the family’s executive assistant.

Tamela Mann performed her most known singles and inspires the audience

Fans of Tamela can always count on her to deliver a powerhouse performance. While some singers don’t deliver good shows live, Tamela is one of the exceptions. She’s always crystal clear, sings from the depth of her soul, and sounds 20x’s better than her recordings.

Tamela opened with a show-stopping and passionate performance of “Change Me,” before delving into her other popular singles, including “God Provides,” “Potter,” “Now Behold the Lamb,” “Take Me to the King,” and “I Can Only Imagine.” All of Tamela’s songs feature messages of faith, survival, overcoming, and living life with purpose and kindness.

Source: YouTube

In between songs, Tamela offered words of encouragement to audience members. She referenced the difficult and life-changing two years the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic brought, which halted live performances in arenas for all performers, including her. Happy to be back on stage, Tamela felt it was important to impart hope to her fans.

As a Christian, she reminded concertgoers that they could always turn to God, no matter the circumstances, to get through challenging times. Some audience members become so overcome with praise and thanksgiving that they had to be held up by fellow concert-goers for support. Being at the show personally was like an amazing Church service, leaving you filled with joy and the desire to continue on. 

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