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Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins and Oasis’ Noel Gallager had beef over something silly. The feud started with a harmless comment from Hawkins. Gallagher took it way too seriously and, in response, made a pretty mean remark directed at Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. Then, Hawkins had to set the record straight to protect his bandmate.

Hawkins never shied away from voicing his opinions of fellow music stars, but Gallagher inspired some negative thoughts. After all the drama, Hawkins was a firm member of Team Liam.

Taylor Hawkins during 2007 VH1 Rock Honors. Noel Gallagher attending the 'Anatomy Of A Scandal' world premiere in London, 2022.
Taylor Hawkins and Noel Gallagher | Jeff Kravitz/Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Taylor Hawkins started his feud with Noel Gallagher by voicing his opinions of Oasis

During a 2019 interview with Radio X, Hawkins, Gordon Smart, and Matt Morgan talked about Oasis’ Gallagher brothers, Noel and Liam. Hawkins said he was Team Liam. “He’s my mate. He’s my bro. I love him,” Hawkins said while wearing a hoodie from one of Liam’s clothing lines.

Meanwhile, the guys at Radio X said they were Team Noel. Then Hawkins went into why he was not Team Noel.

“So we played the Reading Festival, and I had a picture of the Gallagher brothers on my kick drum,” Hawkins said. “Because I just put pictures of people on-I’ll put Dave’s face, I’ll put Roger Taylor’s face, or I’ll put one of my kids’ faces. I just like to have fun with my kick drum. It’s like an advertising spot.

“I had the Gallagher brothers up on my kick drum, and I was like, we’re playing the Reading Festival, makes sense, you know? Then I went up to sing a song, and Dave went back to the drums. I looked back at my kick drum head, and I said, ‘Ah! Isn’t it great to have the Gallagher brothers back together again?’

“Then, I said, ‘Let’s all sign a petition to get Oasis to do a show again.’ Out of love of their music. Nothing else.”

Gallagher didn’t exactly see it that way.

Taylor Hawkins' drum kit with a picture of the Gallagher brothers on it during Reading Festival in 2019.
Taylor Hawkins’ drum set with a picture of the Gallagher brothers on the kick drum head | Simone Joyner/Getty Images

In response, Gallagher said something mean to Dave Grohl, but Hawkins set the record straight

Gallagher heard what Hawkins said during Foo Fighters’ set at Reading Festival. Although, he took the drummer’s comments negatively. He clapped back pretty aggressively but must have thought Grohl said it.

“So, Noel Gallagher, who was opening up for The Smashing Pumpkins in America at that time, first night he goes, ‘I say we start a petition to get the Foo Fighters to break up.’ I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s kind of funny, actually.’ Whatever.”

However, Gallagher didn’t stop at that. “Then the next night he goes, ‘If the drummer for Nirvana…,’ now Noel, if you’re hearing this, he didn’t say it, I said it, ‘the drummer for Nirvana,’ he didn’t even say Dave, ‘wants Oasis to get back together, he can come up on this stage, right now, and suck my you-know-what.”

Hawkins later told Metro he set the record straight about the comments he made about Oasis on Radio X to protect Grohl.

“Would I like them just to be together and be Oasis? Yeah, because I love Oasis, and I love them doing interviews together,” Hawkins said. “But I don’t gotta live in their shoes either. I was being protective of my friend Dave Grohl really, Noel said some s***, and he’s always talked s*** about us, so instead of being politically correct… nah f*** that guy.”


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The drummer said Gallagher was a ‘jerk’

After he set the record straight about the comments he made about Oasis, Hawkins said he hoped the band got back together. However, he still thought Gallagher was mean and a jerk.

“I’m hoping now that he will lighten up a little bit and come to his senses and get the good singer back for his band,” Hawkins said. “That’s what I’m hoping. I just think that would be really nice because everybody wants to see that and Liam’s having a lot of success. I mean, he’s doing two nights at the O2 Arena.

“Do you think that Potatoe Gallagher and the Low Charting Turds could do two nights at the O2 Arena? I mean, listen, I know that Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders might be able to do the Scala, if we’re lucky, I know my lane. I know when I’m gonna play a stadium, it’s gonna be because Dave Grohl’s up front. I know that.

“But no, he was really mean. He was really a jerk.”

Liam dedicated Oasis’ “Live Forever” to Hawkins after he died on March 25. Meanwhile, his brother has remained silent.