Taylor Swift Called Ed Sheeran a ‘Chart Monger’: ‘He’s Obsessed’

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are good friends. The pair have been openly supportive of one another over the past several years. They’ve even collaborated on a handful of songs. Fans of both artists will recall that they released the song “Everything Has Changed” during Swift’s original Red era. The song came complete with a sweet music video featuring two young children. In 2021, Sheeran released “The Joker And The Queen” featuring Swift, using the same actor for his music video.

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran perform live on stage
Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran | C Flanigan/FilmMagic

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are friends and musical confidants

Sheeran and Swift also rely on each other for musical advice. The “Shake It Off” singer has been candid that she’s asked Sheeran about his opinion on new music. Considering the pair both have a similar approach to music, it makes sense that they look to each other for advice. Both are singer-songwriters who have gained success by using a more diaristic approach to writing music.

The ‘folklore’ artist calls the ‘Perfect’ singer a chart monger

Of course, the friends have differing opinions about some aspects of their musical careers. For example, the pair have different views about the importance of their songs charting. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Swift explained that Sheeran is much more knowledgeable and interested in getting his new music to do well on the charts than she is.

“Charts — I truly, truly do not understand how they work anymore,” Swift revealed. “My friend Ed is such a chart monger. He’s obsessed with how it works and the math of it. I have no idea what goes on with the math with it now, it used to be so easy. I don’t even get how people get a big release week because they sold T-shirts, or they sold concert tickets with their albums. It’s just very confusing.”

Why Swift isn’t so obsessed with her music charting anymore

Continuing on, the folklore artist shared that as she gets further along in her career, she is less concerned with things like chart battles. Instead of giving herself the additional pressure of doing well on the charts, Swift has learned how to relax a bit more.


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“I’m just a little more chill about stuff like that now,” Swift explained. “Obviously, you want to do well, and you want to do things that people like and you want people not to make fun of you for that. A lot of the pressure that I feel in my career is just the fact that I’m compared to everything I’ve ever accomplished in the past and also new artists. I can’t live in that pressure cooker.”

Swift has a string of No.1 albums

Swift may not be obsessed with the charts, but she doesn’t have to be at this point in her career. Furthermore, her loyal fans always make sure that she debuts No. 1 on the charts no matter what she releases. Thus far in her career, Swift boasts a whopping ten No.1 albums. Two of these include albums she’s re-released in a bid to earn her masters. So clearly, she doesn’t need to be as obsessed with the charts like Sheeran is.