All of the Evidence That Taylor Swift’s Announcement Is About ‘The Little Mermaid’ Live-Action Remake

The Taylor Swift rumor mill never stops turning, does it? Right now, fans are anticipating *something* coming on April 26, 2019, after the singer revealed a countdown clock 13 days prior. While most fan theories point to a new song (or even a full album) dropping that day, there are other possibilities out there. Here’s why some think she may be making an announcement involving The Little Mermaid live-action remake.

Her New Year’s Eve costume

The first really big clue came when the artist shared a series of photos of herself and many of her celebrity friends dressed up as their childhood heroes at a party to ring in 2019. Blake Lively was Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, Gigi Hadid did an excellent Mary Poppins, and Swift herself can be seen front and center as Ariel from The Little Mermaid. This set fans off buzzing and looking for more hints.

Other mermaid clues

Swift is known for sharing Easter eggs small and large in her videos, Instagram posts, and even in her clothing. She wore a jacket featuring a large mermaid patch in images for her album Reputation in 2018. Her Netflix documentary about her Reputation tour also depicted the singer wearing a mermaid shirt. Other, more cryptic clues have been found by fans with a lot of time on their hands, if you want to dive (hehe) further into this theory.

She posted this on Instagram with the date

Now, things get a bit more speculative. The color palette of Swift’s Instagram has changed a lot over the past couple of months. She closed out 2018 and, ostensibly, the Reputation era, which began with a snake and a very dark color scheme, which completely shifted in 2019.

The pastels and bright, glittery pinks, blues, and yellows have marked a new era, which will presumably be given a name on April 26. But given all of the mermaid theories, it’s hard not to see the connection between the plastic hearts and jewels featured in her countdown posts and a particular upcoming Disney production.

We don’t know who the star of the movie will be

There has been just as much speculation around The Little Mermaid live-action remake as there has been whatever Swift is up to. Disney likes to keep things secret as long as possible, but it really seems as though we’re due for an announcement regarding this particular project very soon.

Here’s what we do know: Zendaya has been the frontrunner when it comes to rumors about the star of The Little Mermaid. Lea Michele will be playing the character in the upcoming “Immersive Live-to-Film Concert Experience” at the Hollywood Bowl in May to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the animated classic. And Lindsay Lohan… probably isn’t even in consideration.

…but we know there will be new music

Another interesting tidbit of information? Lin-Manuel Miranda is working with the original film’s composer, Alan Menken on new music for The Little Mermaid adaptation. Given that Disney is more likely to give it up when it comes to songs than casting, what if that’s Swift’s involvement — as the singer/composer of one (or more) of the new tunes? If so, fans might be a little disappointed, but anything Swift is better than nothing.

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