Taylor Swift Trolls Her Own Fans With A ‘Five Holes In The Fence’ Photo

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie | (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Taylor Swift loves leaving clues for her fans, and her fans love looking for them. Her music videos and social media often include Easter eggs for upcoming music announcements. On Aug. 18, Swift re-shared a photo of her behind a white fence a few days before her upcoming album, Lover, drops. Her fans trended #ThereWereFiveHolesInTheFence on Twitter.

Taylor Swift originally posted the fence photo in February 2019

In February, Swift shared three photos on Instagram that appeared to be a countdown. Each photo shared the same aesthetic and filter, making it seem like the photos were connected. Fans noticed the first photo included seven palm trees. The second photo showed Swift sitting on the sixth step of a staircase. The third photo was Swift looking through a white fence. Fans counted and the fence had five holes. 

Swift denied any sort of countdown. “That picture I really just was trying to change up my Instagram aesthetic to get ready for the new album. They’ll be talking about this in the ‘fandom’ for the next few years. They’re so funny online about it,” she said

The fence photo is now part of a countdown

After Swift burst every fan’s bubble about the countdown, the fence became a meme in the fandom. Swift loves to joke with her fans, and on Aug. 18 she took part in the meme. 

Lover comes out Aug. 23, and Swift posted the fence photo five days before the album’s release date. “Okay NOW there are five holes in the fence,” she wrote on Instagram. 

After Swift teased her fans, they took to Twitter and trended #ThereWereFiveHolesInTheFence. 

“Taylor bullied us for months over 5 holes in the fence then posted it 5 days before Lover. We won ladies #ThereWereFiveHolesInTheFence,” wrote a fan

“Well I was GONNA be productive today, but this fence really controls my entire life…,” wrote another.

Taylor Swift’s album, ‘Lover’, drops Aug. 23

The tracklist for Lover features 18 songs. Swift has already released four singles from the album. Swift released “ME!” on April 26, 2019. The song featured Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco. The second single, “You Need to Calm Down,” came out June 14.

Both singles had music videos, and the music video for “You Need to Calm Down” featured several guest appearances from members of the LGBTQ community including RuPaul, Adam Rippon, Laverne Cox, and the cast of Queer Eye. Swift released a third single titled “The Archer” on July 23. The title track for the album, “Lover,” came out Aug. 16. 

In addition to Brendon Urie from the first single, the album features a collaboration with the Dixie Chicks. Because Swift loves Easter eggs, fans suspected a collaboration with the Dixie Chicks for several months. Swift confirmed a collaboration when she released the tracklist. The Dixie Chicks will appear on the track titled “Soon You’ll Get Better.” 

Swifties might not have been right about the first fence photo, but fans have been right about several clues left by Swift. Her fans understand the cryptic hints and love the excitement the Easter eggs add to every album release.