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Taylor Swift has always drawn on her life experiences to flesh out the lyrics of her songs. From sweet romantic ballads to break up revenge anthems, Swift’s albums have always been filled with catchy tunes and expert storytelling. Her newest album, Lover, features a new and improved image of Taylor. A far cry from the stark black and white imagery from her last album, this time around Swift seems to be embracing love in a natural and infectious kind of way. As her music evolves to reflect her current political mood, it seems that this pop superstar is destined to remain relevant forever.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift | Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Taylor Swift’s new songs

In Swift’s previous albums she has used her songs as a literal ‘burn book’, taking shots at those who’ve wronged her, crooning about old boyfriends, and social media foes. This album looks like it might have a different feel to it with its pastel-colored themes and snakes into butterflies imagery. Is it possible that Taylor has turned over a new leaf?

It appears like Swift is ready to reinvent herself with some more meaningful music and a touch of political activism. Her first single released from her new album, Lover, is entitled Me.

Taylor Swift’s recent political agenda

With social media being more prevalent than ever, celebrities can’t just slip into obscurity. We expect them to believe in something and to use their status as a platform for change. That being said, up until recently, Swift hasn’t really been standing up for anything. Although her early career was completely open and revolved around embracing and loving her fans, she didn’t really have a strong opinion on anything.

Her newest single — “You Need to Calm Down” — might be the beginning of not just a new era musically for Swift, but also shed light on her willingness to stand up for a cause. With age comes maturity, and perhaps a few more trips around the sun was just what she needed to kick start her campaign for kindness and love.

Today’s consumers are fans of people who stand up, not only for themselves but for others. Swift’s newest music might be just what the world has been waiting for.

Taylor Swift remains relevant

Swift’s single “You Need to Calm Down” takes a head first shot at homophobia. Her lyrics are pointed and clear: “control your urges to scream about all the people you hate, ’cause shade never made anybody less gay.” Although the tune is peppy, catchy, and easy to sing along to, the LGBTQ friendly lyrics are empowering and strong.

Her video for the song features celebrity members of the LGBTQ community and encourages listeners to embrace differences, support each other, and not step on each other’s “gowns.” She will continue to remain relevant because she is pushing ahead of the trends and speaking on matters that will have an impact on her fans and her haters alike.

What can we expect on Taylor Swift’s new album?


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Aside from obscenely adorable, fluffy kittens, Swift’s new album promises to be a big change from her 2017 album Reputation. She seems to be in a better place, both professionally and personally these days. The star’s Instagram account seems to be a good indication of the change in her music. It’s all pastel, cheerful, and full of happy things, including her kittens.

The first two songs we’ve heard seem to reflect this same happier vibe. “You Need to Calm Down” might have a pretty dense subject, but its happy tune and catchy melody seem to relate a lighter overall theme. In an interview with Good Morning America, Swift relates her thoughts on her first two singles.

 “With a pop song we have the ability to get a melody stuck in people’s heads,” Swift told GMA just before the release of “Me!” “And I just want it to be one that makes them feel better about themselves.”