Taylor Swift’s ‘Unusual Upbringing’ Isn’t What You’re Expecting

Taylor Swift became a music icon when she was still just a teenager. Throughout the years we have been able to watch her and her music grow as she has blossomed from a young girl into an independent woman.

She has written many songs that have illustrated her trials and tribulations of adolescence. Her songs would talk about things like insecurities, broken hearts, and estranged friendship. However, one of the things that her songs don’t go into detail about is her childhood.

Recently, Swift finally did open up about what life was like for her when she was a child.  Her upbringing has been classified as “unusual,” but many fans are wondering how her childhood was so different from everyone else’s.

So, what was it about Swift’s upbringing that may have been considered a bit odd? Keep reading to find out. Side note: the answer may surprise you.

Where was Taylor Swift born?

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift | Rich Fury/Getty Images

Swift was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. When Swift was young, her family had moved to the nearby town of Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, where she ended up spending most of her childhood.

From an early age, Swift’s parents could tell that she was a very talented child. By the age of 10, she was traveling all over the great state of Pennsylvania to perform songs at a wide range of events.

When she was 11, she even sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” at a Philadelphia 76ers game, which got her a standing ovation at the end. 

After that, Swift became more interested in music. Soon, she was learning how to play the guitar and writing her own songs. She and her parents would often take frequent trips down to Nashville, Tennessee where she would perform her original songs.

Before she knew it, she was being signed by a big-named production company, and by the age of 16, was considered to be one of the most talented singers on country music.

Why was her childhood considered to be “unusual?”

 Recently, Vogue wrote an article entitled, 5 Things You Don’t Know About Taylor Swift. In the post, they had referred to her upbringing as “unconventional.” Was it because she was traveling her home state and singing at different venues before she was even a teenager? Nope, it was because she grew up on a Christmas tree farm.

While Taylor was living in Wyomissing, she and her family raised and sold Christmas trees. In an interview, Taylor had said that she had a great childhood because of where she lived.

“I had the most magical childhood, running free and going anywhere I wanted to in my head. It has cemented in me this unnatural level of excitement about fall and then the holiday season,” Taylor had said. “My friends are so sick of me talking about autumn coming. They’re like, ‘What are you an elf?”

She had then said that her job on the tree farm was to capture the praying mantis that would climb on the trees to ensure that no one went home with an unwanted critter in their tree.

Taylor Swift today

Today, Swift is known as one of the most influential musical artists of our time. So far, she has won 10 Grammy Awards and has been nominated over 32 times. Also, almost every song that she sings, seems to go straight to the top of the Billboard charts, where it usually stays for an impressive amount of time. 

She may have not had the same childhood that everyone else had. But the fact that she was lucky enough to have such a “magical” upbringing may be what has shaped her into the creative and talented musical genius that she is today.