‘The Bachelor’: Tayshia Adams Responds to a Fan Who Accused Her of ‘Getting Way Too Thin’

For Tayshia Adams and other fan favorites of The Bachelor franchise, life after their time on the show can change overnight. Where the majority of them were relatively unknown prior to being cast on the show(s), afterward it’s difficult for them to walk through the world unnoticed. Though they do get invited to high-profile events, they also have to contend with instant fame. This is especially true on Instagram, where they can easily rack up hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of followers.

Tayshia Adams star of The Bachelor Instagram
Tayshia Adams | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Adams rose to Instagram fame on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. Famed for being equals parts bubbly, silly, and mature, she made it all the way to fantasy suite week. However, Adams was eliminated suddenly after Underwood decided to cut things off with her and Hannah Godwin in order to pursue a relationship with Cassie Randolph, who self-eliminated the same week.

Tayshia Adams was being considered for ‘The Bachelorette’

After her time on The Bachelor, Adams tried her luck on Bachelor in Paradise. There, she was pursued by multiple men, but ultimately developed an unlikely connection with John Paul Jones aka JPJ. From there, fans of the franchise called the couple TAYPJ until they split just a few months after getting together. Adams was even a strong contender to be The Bachelorette, but the producers went a different route and selected Clare Crawley as the lead.

But just because Adams hasn’t been on television in a while, doesn’t mean the scrutiny that surrounds her has stopped. On Instagram alone, the Orange County native boasts over 800,000 fans following her each and every move. Fans of The Bachelor franchise are constantly chiming in on what Adams wears, who she dates, and how she lives her life. One bold fan even went to far as to comment on Adams’ weight recently.

Adams’ latest Instagram post

On March 19, 2020, Adams took to her Instagram page to post photos of herself enjoying some fresh air. “Feelin 🔛🔝 🤍 (pre-COVID Craziness ✌🏾),” The Bachelor alum captioned the post. The photo quickly racked up thousands of likes and comments, but one that caught Adams’ eye had to do with her weight. “Beautiful as always – but getting way too thin, 💕” one person commented. “I was thinking the same,” another person co-signed.

Fans of ‘The Bachelor’ denounce body-shaming

Of course, other people chimed in offering alternative views.”I think the pose she’s standing in is making her legs look more sculpted which in my opinion looks BADASS,” one person said about Adams. “Any of your business? If she gained weight you’d blast her for that too wouldn’t you? Whether you’re fat-shaming or skinny shaming there’s no difference if you’ve experienced both,” another Instagram user added. “So now it’s cool to body shame? Um no she looks fabulous to me,” another fan of The Bachelor chimed in.

Adams responds to the claim

Never one to stay silent, Adams quickly responded to the claims that she was getting too thin. “Really? Cause I’ve actually gained 5lbs since I started working out! ☺️Thanks for the concern though!! 💕💕✨” the 29-year old responded. Fortunately, Adams didn’t seem take the rude comment to heart. We have no idea why people still feel the need to make comments on other people’s bodies, but hopefully, the fan learned from their mistake.