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‘Ted Lasso’ Co-Creator Bill Lawrence Responds to Harsh Criticism About Season 2

When 'The Daily Show' writer and producer Daniel Radosh took to Twitter to share his thoughts on 'Ted Lasso' losing some of its season 1 sparkle, the show's co-creator Bill Lawrence responded. See what Lawrence said about the second season and how the exchange between them ended on good terms.

One vocal critic of Ted Lasso’s second season got a response from show co-creator Bill Lawrence on Twitter and Lawrence is reassuring anyone that thinks season 2 isn’t as good as the first to just wait. Find out how Lawrence addressed some of the Ted Lasso criticism.

'Ted Lasso' star Jason Sudeikis in character
‘Ted Lasso’ star Jason Sudeikis | 27th Annual SAG Awards/Getty Images for WarnerMedia

‘The Daily Show’ writer voiced his concerns about ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 2

On Aug. 22, The Daily Show writer and producer Daniel Radosh kicked off a Twitter thread called ‘How Ted Lasso lost the [thread]’ and shared his thoughts on the second season’s shortcomings.

The thread was lengthy, beginning with Radosh’s tweet: “A lot of people still aren’t ready to admit it but it’s clear that season 2 of Ted Lasso is not good, certainly not as good as S1. And I think the reason is everyone completely misunderstands why everyone loved S1.”

He went on to discuss some of the “magic” of the first season. “For most of S1 everyone HATED Ted Lasso,” Radosh wrote. “His boss, his players, the fans, the press. And why wouldn’t they? YMMV but as a viewer, I hated him. His cornball jokes are terrible, his puppydog eagerness is annoying af. He’s a wanker.”

He continued, “The magic of S1 is in how Ted slowly wins everyone over despite themselves. As they discover his hidden depths, people are surprised to find themselves respecting him and then actually liking him. His annoying persona is still objectively annoying, but we are no longer annoyed.”

Radosh also explained how the characters’ relationships evolved. “And as people learn to see the world through Ted’s eyes, their other relationships change,” he tweeted. “Because in S1 everyone else is at each other’s throats too, remember? And they don’t just generically fight with each other, they have complex antagonistic relationships.”

Radosh shared his thoughts about season 2 and explained it “has virtually no conflict at all” because he finds everyone too supportive. “Shockingly S2 even tries to retcon away some of the magic of S1,” he tweeted. “Rebecca’s transformation from conniving b—- was the heart of S1, but now we’re told, Don’t worry she was always a secretly nice person who gave Christmas gifs to poor kids every year. So what was the point?”

Even with all of his criticisms about the show, Radosh wrote, “Ted Lasso is still entertaining and has some good laughs, and maybe S2 still has time to redeem itself on the big picture, but right now it might be the steepest decline from S1 to S2 in TV history. This thread will probably get me canceled, but in your heart you know I’m right.”

Bill Lawrence responds and assures there’s more to come on ‘Ted Lasso’

Lawrence addressed Radosh and his concerns, while using The Daily Show as an example of why it’s better to give shows a little time before being overly critical. “Daniel. That thread. Oof. Must feel a lot like when Daily Show switched from Jon [Stewart] to Trevor [Noah] and all the haters went nuts without giving it a minute. (I’m actually a big fan of both),” Lawrence tweeted in response. “Our entire first season was 8 weeks long. We have 7 weeks left…”

He continued, “I feel like we’ve set up a lot. Maybe you’ll dig where it goes. Maybe not. And look, I watch TV the same way. This just stung more than usual. Not sure why, yet. I’m usually Teflon. Still, no biggie. I just now feel you’re obligated to watch and report back either way. TV!!”


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Lawrence told Radosh ‘we are all good’

Radosh responded to Lawrence, with plenty of respect, tweeting, “Man, you created one perfect season of TV which is more than I ever will & as I said I am sticking around in hopes that S2 wins me back. I’m sure you get that the ‘I’m right & everyone else is deluded’ posturing is a joke! This is one guy’s opinion & def not meant personally.”

Lawrence confirmed, “Daniel we are all good. Truly. I DM’d you mocking myself. TV, man! I expect you keep letting me know, either way.”