‘Ted Lasso’: Brett Goldstein’s Expletive Filled Emmy Speech — Here’s What He Said When CBS Bleeped It Out

When Ted Lasso star Brett Goldstein took the stage at the 2021 Emmy Awards, fans thought they might hear someone different than Roy Kent in his speech. After all, he is acting in the Apple TV+ comedy series with Jason Sudeikis. However, his expletive-filled Emmy speech was utterly in character. Luckily, we watched an uncut version before CBS bleeped out several words.

Brett Goldstein giving his Emmy Award speech for his Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series role in 'Ted Lasso'
Brett Goldstein | Cliff Lipson/CBS/Getty Images

‘Ted Lasso’ Emmy Award Wins 2021

Going into the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards, Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso had 20 nominations. Within minutes, the Ted Lasso cast and crew took home two awards. Hannah Waddingham, who portrays the AFC Richmond owner Rebecca Welton, won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series. She started the night off with a fan-favorite speech telling the world how shocked she was to speak at the Emmys.

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Immediately after Waddingham won, Goldstein took the stage to accept his Emmy Award for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series. Fans weren’t sure whether he chose to act like Roy Kent or if that’s how he is in real life. Ted Lasso also won for Outstanding Casting, Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing, and Outstanding Sound Mixing in a Comedy Series. Later in the evening, Jason Sudeikis gave his Emmy speech for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. Plus, at the end of the evening, the cast and crew took the stage when they won the Outstanding Comedy Series for 2021.

Brett Goldstein’s Emmy speech

In Ted Lasso Season 2, when Roy Kent tries out as a pundit at Sky Sports, he heavily curses on-air. Although the other pundits disapproved, the public loved his commentary. Sky Sports hired Roy, and for a few episodes, he appeared on Soccer Saturday. Although he toned down the cursing, Roy still dropped a few expletives during each segment. So, in true Ted Lasso fashion, Brett Goldstein’s Emmy speech contained a few bleeps.

“I was very, very specifically told I’m not allowed to swear, so this speech is going to be f****** short,” Goldstein began his Emmy speech. “Thank you, Warners, thank you, Apple, thank you…the team. To my teammates that I’m nominated with and all my team. This cast makes me sick; they’re so good.”

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The middle of his speech was full of gratitude.

“And I want to say to my mum, my dad, Tara, Matt, Zebby, and Bo and Beth, I love you,” he continued. “And lastly, I want to say to Jason, Bill, Brendan, and Joe Kelly thank you for making this show. Thank you for making me a part of it. It has been one of the greatest honors, privileges, and privileges — I just said that twice — double privilege! It’s the most privileged privilege and pleasures of my life.”

However, as Roy Kent would end any speech, Goldstein dropped another expletive for good measure.

“…and this is the f****** icing on the cake,” Goldstein concluded. “I’m so sorry. Please have me back!”

Where to watch ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 2

Ted Lasso Season 2 is only available on the Apple TV+ streaming service. Since its launch in late 2019, the app has been more widely available, so you can download it on non-Apple devices as well. Plus, it’s only $4.99 a month to binge-watch Ted Lasso Season 1 and then catch up on the new season. Ted Lasso Season 2 will consist of 12 episodes.