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The wait for Ted Lasso Season 3 is exacerbated by the fear of Ted Lasso ending. Creator and star Jason Sudeikis described it as a three season show, though showrunner Bill Lawrence had suggested ways it could continue. Writer and star Brett Goldstein stoked the separation anxiety when he said they’re writing Ted Lasso Season 3 as if it’s the last. Now he’s walking that back a little. 

'Ted Lasso': Brett Goldstein holds a bitten apple at a funeral with Juno Temple
Brett Goldstein and Juno Temple | Apple TV+

Goldstein was a guest on Variety’s Awards Circuit podcast on July 21 with his castmates Juno Temple and Hannah Waddingham. He explained what he meant by his comments about Ted Lasso ending with season 3. 

Brett Goldstein was intentionally vague about ‘Ted Lasso’ ending

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Goldstein answered a question about season 3 being Ted Lasso’s ending. His answer was, “We are writing it like that. It was planned as three.” However, now Goldstein clarifies that he only meant they are concluding the story they set out to tell.

“I was mis[quoted],” Goldstein said on Awards Circuit. “Here we go. It’s written as in the story we have been telling will reach a conclusion. And that’s how it was always planned. That doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t continue but it is a conclusion. It is a three-act conclusion to this story.”

Brett Goldstein doesn’t make the decision about ‘Ted Lasso’ ending 

Sudeikis created Ted Lasso for NBC Sports in 2013. When developing it as a series, Sudeikis enlisted Brendan Hunt, Joe Kelly and Lawrence. For his part, Hunt has also said he can’t say for sure whether or not season 3 is the end. Goldstein became a writer and cast member but says whether or not Ted Lasso is ending is up to Sudeikis. 

“It’s entirely in Jason’s hands and he can decide whatever he wants and we trust in whatever he says,” Goldstein said.


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Although she does not want Ted Lasso to end either, Waddingham said she would understand if Sudeikis sticks with the plan. Waddingham plays AFC Richmond owner Rebecca Welton, Roy Kent (Goldstein)’s boss.

“And maybe he deserves a break too,” Waddingham said.

Hannah Waddingham is dreading the end

Goldstein said he might be too sad to do anything else after Ted Lasso ends. Waddingham, too, said she’s been worried the show would end ever since it began.  

“It’s been brewing since season 1 for me,” Waddingham said. “Thinking oh God, when’s this going to end, when’s this going to end? I don’t want to leave her.”

Whatever Sudeikis decides will be a surprise to Goldstein, Waddingham and the cast. None of them have an inside track into what Sudeikis is planning. 

“The good thing is we genuinely don’t know,” Waddingham said. “I would’ve definitely blown it by now and said, ‘No, no, we’re teasing you. There’s another one.’”