‘Ted Lasso’ Ending: Juno Temple Says ‘No One Has Told Me It’s Over’

Waiting for Ted Lasso Season 3 has led to fan spiraling. We’re all worried it’s really going to end with season 3. Even though Bill Lawrence said it might not, co-creators Brendan Hunt and Brett Goldstein have leaned more towards confirming the three season plan. But, as the cast is filming season 3, Juno Temple says nobody’s told her Ted Lasso is ending.

'Ted Lasso' ending: Juno Temple sits with Brett Goldstein kneeling, neither sure the show is over
Brett Goldstein and Juno Temple | Apple TV+

Temple was a guest on Variety’s Awards Circuit podcast on July 21 with Hannah Waddingham and Brett Goldstein. As they discussed Ted Lasso’s Season 2 Emmy nominations, they couldn’t help addressing the rumors about Ted Lasso ending. 

Juno Temple can neither confirm nor deny ‘Ted Lasso’ ending 

Goldstein, Hunt and Lawrence have a little more say when it comes to Ted Lasso ending. They are co-creators and writers along with Jason Sudeikis. Still, Temple thinks if Ted Lasso was ending, they’d have told her by now. 

“I don’t know the answer to that,” Temple said on Awards Circuit. “No one has told me it’s over. No one’s said that to me but no one’s said that it’s not. So I’m literally in limbo.”

Even if ‘Ted Lasso’ is ending, Juno Temple won’t count it out

Sudeikis has said that he conceived Ted Lasso as a three season story. His co-creators back him up on that, but Temple says nothing really ends on television. She cited all the shows that came back with their original casts after years. She could do the same after Ted Lasso’s ending.

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There’s something to be said too of things don’t ever have to completely end. Things can come back years later or they can not. But I think there’s an interesting thing with TV when you are seeing shows that are continuous characters going through seasons, unless they die which sometimes happens in TV shows, but when that show comes to a conclusion, those characters don’t die. They go on and live their little fruitful lives in somebody’s imagination so you can come back to it. As actors, I know we’re going to miss them all a lot. I am for sure. Keeley has taught me so much about being kinder to myself and I really miss her when I don’t get to play her. But, again, we all got to meet through it and we’re going to get to hang out with each other. That’s also why this show has been so amazing because the people we work with together on it. 

Juno Temple, Awards Circuit, 7/21/22

Sometimes, ending is okay

If Ted Lasso is really ending after season 3, Temple also said she could make peace with that.

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“There’s something about it too, you don’t want to push something so far that it then doesn’t become the joy that it is,” Temple said. “I think sometimes, and I’m guilty of that, when a show ends, when Friday Night Lights ended, I was like, ‘Never!’ You feel it but you go you know what though? I have to respect there is a time for things to stop.”

Waddingham had her own Friday Night Lights

“I was like that with Schitt’s Creek,” Waddingham said. “I was genuinely bereft that I wasn’t going to have Catherine O’Hara in my telly box. That’s the biggest thing for me, that it’s a beautiful entity as it is. If that’s how it remains, that’s how it was meant to be.”

Yet, Temple concludes this is all pure speculation on the actors’ part. 

“But we’re not saying that’s the case,” Temple said.

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