‘Ted Lasso’: Hannah Waddingham on Her ‘Bucket List Moment’

Ted Lasso took Hannah Waddingham’s career to the next level. She had a major role on Game of Thrones, but now she’s an Emmy winner and nominated again this year. Waddingham said the show also gave her a “bucket list moment,” one she shared with her co-star Juno Temple. 

'Ted Lasso': Hannah Waddingham looks to the left
Hannah Waddingham | Apple TV+

Waddingham and Temple were guests on Variety’s Awards Circuit podcast on July 21 to discuss the show’s Emmy nominations. The duo shared other honors besides their mutual Emmy nominations too. Ted Lasso Season 3 is coming later this year on Apple TV+.

This magazine cover was Hannah Waddingham’s ‘bucket list moment.’

Variety reporter Michael Schneider reminded Temple and Waddingham of their Variety cover story. 

“That seriously like a total bucket list moment for me,” Waddingham said on Awards Circuit. “To do a cover of something like this with her was really perfect.”

Temple also valued the Variety cover for Ted Lasso

“I have that framed in my house,” Temple said. “That was such a great shoot. Also to get to be on the cover of Variety and get to do it together was so tight.”

The fact that they shared the cover made it special for Temple. 

“It’s more special because it’s sharing it with somebody you’re going to have a life with forever,” Temple said. “And then you get that.”

Juno Temple and Hannah Waddingham are friends outside ‘Ted Lasso’ too

Ted Lasso brought Waddingham and Temple closer together and they have continued their friendship in between seasons. Temple even said she hoped Waddington won the Emmy instead of her last year. 

“For me as a woman on the planet, I find women are safe places for me,” Temple said. “So getting to have this friendship off camera as well and getting to do scenes that sometimes between the two of us are some of the really emotional beats, or really open beats or honest beats. So having it be a safe palace with somebody that you love off camera and on camera makes it easy.”

Waddingham felt the same.


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“It’s almost like they both have a breather for what they’re trying to emit,” Waddingham said. “They have a breather with each other.”

Keeley and Rebecca are the real romance of ‘Ted Lasso’

Keeley (Temple) is in a relationship with Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) and Rebecca (Waddingham) with Sam (Toheeb Jimoh). But it’s the friendship between the women that really shows the heart of Ted Lasso.

“They’re intoxicatingly dependent on each other and it’s gorgeous to get a chance to play that” Waddingham said. “There’s nothing but love between them. They’re beautiful scenes to play. We love them, don’t we?”

Temple noted that they’re both able to create “two very different women.” Waddingham also theorized that Rebecca is a good influence on Keeley.

“I find that there’s an element of Keeley that’s trying to show up and be a little bit like Rebecca which is so gorgeous as well,” Waddingham said.