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Ted Lasso has a lot of male energy with the all male players and coaches of AFC Richmond. So Keeley (Juno Temple) brings a much needed sense of style and glamor. It’s not easy looking like Keeley. Even a glamorous actor like Temple spends over an hour transforming, and that’s only because the Ted Lasso team has it down. 

'Ted Lasso': Juno Temple smiles after her 90 minute transformation into Keeley
Juno Temple | Apple TV+

Temple was a guest on Variety’s Awards Circuit podcast on July 21 discussing the show’s Emmy nominations. She also revealed the secrets for turning her into Keeley. Ted Lasso Season 3 is coming later this year

It takes three people 90 minutes to turn Juno Temple in to Keeley on ‘Ted Lasso’

Temple credits her Ted Lasso hair and makeup team with Keeley’s look. They’re also sensitive to her schedule and do as much work as possible ahead of time. 

“I normally have between an hour and an hour and a half window, but that is definitely because Nicky Austin who is our hair and makeup designer really knows my face,” Temple said on Awards Circuit. “She plans looks with Jacky Levy, our costume designer. It’s definitely a collaboration. It’s like a tripod with the three of us because it’s so much fun putting Keeley together in the morning.”

What Juno Temple’s ‘Ted Lasso’ wardrobe says about Keeley

Temple loves the flamboyant wardrobe she gets to wear on Ted Lasso. It’s not just for show, though. Temple understands what the costumes say about Keeley.

“She’s such a bold and ballsy creation,” Temple said. “I feel like her inside colors she dresses on her outside. She’s not ashamed to wear things that are colorful and vibrant, sometimes maybe a little inappropriate but also completely perfect because it’s her. It feels like rather than her dressing herself to be like look at me, she’s dressing herself to be like this is how I feel, and I love that about her.”

De-Keeley-ifying is a process too

If it takes 90 minutes to become Keeley, turning back into Temple isn’t just a matter of stripping down. Temple noted the removal of some of the accouterments, including the “chicken filet” pushups inserted into her bras to enhance Keeley’s bustline. 


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“When I have to undress as Keeley every day, I have to wear a WonderBra with two sets of chicken filets,” Temple said, imitating them falling to the floor. “I literally go badum boom. So the glamor, and a lot of fake hair for me and a lot of eyelashes. And I love that. I like being honest about it, I think it’s important in this day and age as an actress to put out there, look, you can have these boobs too.”

Temple noted that the filets are reusable. 

“We’ve had the same ones for a long time because it’s all about creating the same shape,” Temple said.