‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3: Brett Goldstein Told Toheeb Jimoh Sam Dies Violently

Fans are waiting for Ted Lasso Season 3. The actors have a bit of an advantage in that they get to read the scripts as they film it, but even they are waiting to find out how season 3 ends. Poor Toheeb Jimoh has borne the brunt of Brett Goldstein’s pranks. Goldstein is both a writer and actor on the show, and he told Jimoh that his character, Sam, would die horribly. 

'Ted Lasso': Sam (Toheeb Jimoh) smiles in the doorway
Toheeb Jimoh | Apple TV+

Goldstein was a guest on Variety’s Awards Circuit podcast on July 21. After discussing Ted Lasso’s Season 2 Emmy nominations, Goldstein looked ahead to season 3. Though dodging just how final Ted Lasso Season 3 might be, he did admit to telling Jimoh how Sam meets his end. 

Brett Goldstein has been intimately involved with ‘Ted Lasso’ for 3 seasons

Goldstein plays Roy Kent, the veteran AFC Richmond player who is in love with Keeley (Juno Temple). Since he’s on the writing staff, Goldstein rarely gets a break, although he still hosts his podcast Films to be Buried With and had one day to film a Marvel cameo

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“I genuinely, because I write on Ted Lasso as well, my whole life for the last 3-4 years has really been focused on Ted Lasso, as in half the year writing it, half the year making it,” Goldstein said on Awards Circuit. “Again, this thing of if this is coming to an end, and as I say, I don’t know. Don’t quote me.”

Brett Goldstein imagines Toheeb Jimoh’s gruesome death

Ted Lasso is a show about kindness. Bad things happen, but usually as a vehicle to show how people can cope. So, it is unlikely that any Ted Lasso character will meet a gruesome end, least of all Sam, who we last saw committing to a relationship with Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham). Goldstein has a good sense of humor, though.

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“I said this last night at a panel, I’ve ruined Toheeb who is also my screen saver and I’m in love with,” Goldstein said. “I’ve ruined the ending for him because I have told him that he dies at the end and he dies in a helicopter accident. But the helicopter’s not moving and it’s not even on. He just runs straight into it. Listen, we’ve always got to keep the audience on their toes. Sometimes I tell people things like that so they’re prepared. You’ve got to be prepared.”

The end of ‘Ted Lasso’ worries Brett Goldstein

Ted Lasso actor and creator Jason Sudeikis said he imagined Ted Lasso as a three season show. Now that they’re working on season 3, other co-creators and writers like Bill Lawrence and Brendan Hunt have opened the possibility of continuing the show. But, if Goldstein has to find a new job after Ted Lasso Season 3, he’s anxious about it.

“I’m worried I’ll be too sad to do anything else,” Goldstein said. “There’s loads of things I’d like to do. There’s loads of things I have in development but who knows? It’s kind of exciting and scary that I don’t know exactly what I’m doing next. I have things I can’t tell you because they’re not at the stage where they’re definitely happening, and they might not. So who knows? See what happens.”

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