‘Ted Lasso’ Wardrobe: Hannah Waddingham Says ‘I Drive the Seamstresses Mental’

Ted Lasso is a team effort. It’s about a soccer team, and it takes a whole team of writers, producers, directors and stars to bring it to life. Juno Temple recently discussed her wardrobe team, and her co-star Hannah Waddingham acknowledged she’s not the easiest on Ted Lasso costumers.

'Ted Lasso': Hannah Waddingham sits at her desk holding a pen
Hannah Waddingham | Apples TV+

Waddingham was a guest on Variety’s Awards Circuit podcast on July 21 to discuss the show’s Emmy-nominated second season. In response to Temple’s costuming anecdote, Waddingham revealed why she’s so hard on the show’s makeup and wardrobe. Ted Lasso Season 3 is coming later this year to Apple TV+.

Why Hannah Waddingham drives ‘Ted Lasso’ seamstresses crazy

Temple had said it takes up to 90 minutes to transform into Keeley. Waddingham wants Rebecca to be so put together, she can be a perfectionist. 

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“I drive the seamstresses mental because I’m like, ‘Can we just take another 0.5 of a centimeter out of this skirt?’” Waddingham said on Awards Circuit. “I’ve always had this idea in my head that even though Rebecca’s internal monologue is an absolute house of cards on a daily basis, externally no one would know. So she has to be completely perfect for me. I need to look in a mirror and see no extraneous material anywhere.”

Rebecca is more of a perfectionist than Hannah Waddingham 

Waddingham also acknowledged that she herself would let certain things go. Being true to Ted Lasso, Rebecca would not. 

“It’s really important, if I get a little bit of my own roots coming through in my hair, I would leave it,” Waddingham said. “But I always want her to be completely immaculate. So she’s like that unshatterable ice queen.”

Again, Waddingham said, this is to hide her fraught inner life. 

“If a bow is tied, it’s tied to perfect, perfect nails, all of it,” Waddingham said. “Her aim is that nobody really looks in because she doesn’t know whether she wants them in there. She continues to be a little bit lost, even though she’s finding her feet for the first time ever as the owner of AFC Richmond.”

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Will Rebecca ever open up? Rebecca’s relationship with Sam (Toheeb Jimoh) is a nice healthy romance for her. Waddingham says it’s baby steps for her Ted Lasso character though. 

“It’s like a flutter of the shutters opening and then they snap shut,” Waddingham said. “I don’t even know whether I want the shutters to open fully. I quite like the fact that she’s a bit erratic with that.”

The team Hannah Waddingham drives mental

Now that Waddingham has explained her needs for Rebecca on Ted Lasso, she credited her team with fulfilling all her requests.

“My particular hair and makeup, Sophie Roberts and Jacky Levy, head of costume, they are really fabulous women that understand on any given day, we are going to want to collaborate with them,” Waddingham said. “That’s quite unusual for people to totally treat you like we’re in it as a team.”

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