Teddy Riley on Michael Jackson’s Sexual Abuse Allegations – ‘It’s All Lies’

Michael Jackson’s career can be viewed with a sense of duality. On one hand, he’s lauded as the greatest entertainer of all time. But allegations surrounding the sexual abuse of children would plague his legacy in part. 

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Jackson denied any wrongdoing and his family maintains his innocence even after his death. Another person who believes in Jackson’s innocence is his friend and music producer, Teddy Riley. Riley says the allegations against Jackson are fabricated.

History of Michael Jackson sexual abuse allegations

Allegations against Jackson legally began in 1993. During Jackson’s “Dangerous” tour, the LA Police Department conducted an investigation in response to claims that the singer molested a 13-year-old boy. Jackson denied the allegations from the start.

No physical evidence was found at Jackson’s properties but the boy’s parents sued Jackson alleging “repeatedly committed sexual battery” of their son. Jackson settled the case for $23 million. The criminal case was dropped when the boy declined to cooperate and testify.

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More accusations followed. A 2003 documentary titled Living With Michael Jackson prompted another criminal investigation after Jackson himself discussed sharing his bed with a young boy, a cancer survivor. He claims it was an innocent gesture.

During the trial, the boy in question alleged that Jackson was guilty of performing masturbation on him. Jackson was found not guilty of all charges. 

Jackson died in 2009 but it hasn’t stopped more accusers from coming forward. In 2019, the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland chronicled choreographer Wade Robinson and former child actor and dancer James Safechuck detailing years of alleged sex abuse from Jackson. 

Teddy Riley says sexual abuse allegations against Michael Jackson are lies

Riley worked closely with Jackson on his 1991 album, Dangerous. He served as the album’s Executive Producer, crafting out a new sound for the King of Pop with hits including “Do You Remember the Time,” “In the Closet,” “Jam,” and “Dangerous.”

During a recent interview on Bevy Smith’s podcast Bevelations, Smith asked Riley what his perception of the charges and allegations against Jackson was.

“My view was that it was all lies,” Riley said firmly. “A lot of stuff that was going on in his life – especially with me being the one to know him as a friend and as a brother and spent the time with him – you can’t tell me nothing. All of those things are lies. Now it’s coming to the forefront. Everything in the dark always comes to light.”

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Riley also insinuates that Jackson’s addiction issues came as a result of the stress associated with the media scrutiny and allegations surrounding him. “This whole thing was just wrong. This guy always wanted to see something great happen with America and of course, the devil got into the midst,” he said. “With his addiction, he was just trying to stay alive. He was in pain every day.”

The producer also believes that Jackson’s skin disorder, vitiligo, also affected him, fueling his addiction. “It kept eating at him but people don’t understand that…they don’t understand that he’s going through it,” Riley continued.