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Is anyone or anything attached to Jenelle Evans normal? It doesn’t seem that way. The former Teen Mom 2 star brought fireworks to her final reunion special, but it was one of her baby daddies that stole the show. Andrew Lewis took the stage for the first time in nearly a decade to discuss his life and exactly where he’s been since fans met him on 16 and Pregnant. His story is a bit unbelievable, and his reasoning behind failing to see his son is weak, but at the very least, he was entertaining.

Where has Andrew been since 2009?

Lewis alleges he spent the time between Jace’s birth and now modeling, getting a degree and feeding the homeless in Los Angeles. Finished with the West Coast lifestyle, Lewis apparently returned to New York City.

Lewis’ entire story is a little suspect. Dr. Drew questioned where exactly Lewis was feeding homeless people. First, he claimed he was doing his good deeds in hospitals around the city. When asked about the validity of that claim, he changed directions and claimed to have helped the homeless people living on the streets.

While there are several groups, specifically in Los Angeles who do offer outreach programs for the homeless in the city, Lewis did not claim to be associated with any of them. He also went on to claim he received a degree from USC. Dr. Drew is not the only one who is skeptical of his claims, though.

Fans have been calling out Lewis on his lies for months

Andrew may have resurfaced in the Teen Mom world only recently, but fans of the show have been hunting down information about Lewis for much longer than that. In fact, several Reddit fans have pulled together their resource to figure out precisely what is fact and what is fiction.

Several fans have questioned the validity of his college claim. While USC is currently embroiled in the highly publicized college admissions scandal, it remains a top tier university. Many fans are questioning whether someone like Lewis could even get into the school, let alone thrive in such a competitive environment.

Nathan Griffith had some shots to take, too

Nathan Griffith was on hand at the reunion special and found himself in the unique position of sitting next to Andrew Lewis. While Lewis tried to explain away his lack of involvement with Jace, Griffith couldn’t hold his tongue. When Lewis alleged he’d lost touch with Barbara and Jenelle, and that the mother-daughter duo had worked together to keep Jace from him, Griffith was hearing none of it.

The vocal father of Kaiser told Lewis he had plenty of options if he really wanted to foster a relationship with his son. Griffith noted that getting a lawyer was just the first step. Griffith has been famously battling Evans over custody of 4-year-old Kaiser for over a year. Kaiser is currently in his care after being removed from Jenelle’s home in early May.