‘Teen Mom 2’: Briana DeJesus Hopes to Have One More Baby, But She Won’t Be Telling Anyone When It Happens

While it looks like Kailyn Lowry is expecting her fourth child, she’s chosen to stay quiet as the rumors swirl. Lowry might want to keep her future family plans a secret, but there is one Teen Mom 2 star that is more than happy to weigh in on whether or not she’s planning more children. Briana DeJesus was pretty open about her desire to add another baby to her family, and while she’s not currently pregnant, it looks like she has a plan for how to handle releasing the news when the time comes.

Does Briana DeJesus want to have any more kids?

DeJesus is the mother of two daughters. Her first child was born in 2011. The birth of Nova Star DeJesus was featured on 16 and Pregnant. In 2017, DeJesus gave birth to her second child, Stella. The mother of two isn’t done with just two children though, she recently shared that she’d be happy to add a third baby to the mix during an Instagram Live Q&A.

According to DeJesus, that won’t be happening any time soon, though. She noted that she would need a husband before she considered adding another child to her family. DeJesus recently ended her relationship with John Rodriguez. According to Heavy, DeJesus ended the relationship because she had too much on her plate. The couple was together for a year, but the vast majority of their relationship was long distance. Rodriguez resides in New York while DeJesus recently purchased a home in Florida.

DeJesus had previously been engaged to Javi Marroquin. Marroquin was once married to Lowry, and the relationship between the two created quiet the feud between Lowry and DeJesus. DeJesus later weighed in on Marroquin’s drama with the mother of his second son.

Briana DeJesus won’t be sharing any future pregnancy news with the world

It looks like DeJesus doesn’t want to keep her followers in the loop if and when she does get pregnant with her third child. The mother of two took to Twitter to sound off on recent pregnancy rumors about her co-star, Lowry. While DeJesus had nothing bad to say about Lowry, she did say, “Damn yo! If I ever get pregnant again, I am definitely pulling a Kylie Jenner,”


As everyone remembers, Kylie Jenner kept news of her first pregnancy secret. Rumors did swirl that the 22-year-old billionaire was expecting back in late 2017, but Jenner neither confirmed nor denied the allegations. She only confirmed the pregnancy once she and her then-boyfriend, Travis Scott, welcomed their daughter. Stormi will turn two on Feb. 1. Jenner later noted that she kept the pregnancy a secret because it was a “sacred, special moment,” according to Teen Vogue.

Is Kailyn Lowry Pregnant?

Lowry still hasn’t commented on whether or not she’s pregnant, and fans will probably need to wait a while for confirmation from Lowry herself. In the meantime, the evidence is mounting that Lowry is actually expecting. The TV personality and podcaster had her pregnancy news leaked by a family member of Chris Lopez. Lopez, who is the father of Lowry’s third son, Lux, appears to be the father of this child, as well. At least, according to the family member who shared the news. Fans note that the nails visible in the ultrasound photo that was leaked matched the nails Lowry was recently sporting.

There is one big problem though, Lowry currently has an order of protection against Lopez, claiming he became violent on more than one occasion. The pair have had an incredibly rocky relationship ever since Lowry announced her third pregnancy. In fact, it’s pretty hard to ascertain whether or not the pair were ever an official couple. The order of protection was granted in Oct. 2019, and Lopez was recently wanted by police for violating the conditions of the restraining order.