‘Teen Mom 2’: Chelsea Houska’s House Left Shaken After Home Invasion

Things are a little tense for Chelsea Houska right now. The Teen Mom star has great kids, a doting husband, and an ever-expanding fortune. After watching the reality TV starlet fret over Adam Lind in the past, everyone is happy to see Chelsea finally coming into her own, but that doesn’t mean everything is perfect for the South Dakota native. In fact, Chelsea and her husband, Cole DeBoer recently went through a traumatizing experience. The family were victims of a home invasion!

Chelsea and Cole returned to a ransacked house

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This week on Teen Mom 2, Chelsea Houska and Cole returned home to find their house has been raided. The family of five noted that they returned home from a vacation and set down their suitcases. All seemed fine until Chelsea headed into the bedroom to find the couple’s closet had been completely torn apart.

According to Ok! Magazine, Cole jumped into action and searched the house to ensure no one was hiding inside. He then called the police to report the crime. Police, however, have had a difficult time nailing down exactly what happened and have no suspects for the break-in. Chelsea and Cole have never commented on what, if anything, was stolen during the invasion.

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While the latest break-in is a serious concern for the mother of three, it isn’t the first time that Chelsea has been concerned about her safety. In 2017 the reality TV star mentioned that fans had stopped by her home, making her feel uncomfortable. While the show does film inside the homes of its stars, the actual locations of the houses have never been disclosed. Outside shots of where the stars live and general information about the cities in which they reside make it relatively easy for fans to figure out the stars exact locations.

Chelsea and Aubree want to move

Chelsea and Aubree both seem to agree that they’ll have a difficult time getting over the break-in. According to The Ashley, Chelsea and Aubree both want to move out of the house, now that their safety has been compromised, but Cole is taking a much more pragmatic approach to the entire situation.

The couple just bought the home at the end of 2018. They plunked down just over $400,000 for the expansive home that sits on six acres of land. The purchase was clearly made with their ever-expanding family in mind. The house has five bedrooms and two bathrooms, according to In Touch. The property was purchased while Chelsea was still pregnant with the couple’s second child together; Layne. Chelsea is also mom to Aubree, 9.