‘Teen Mom 2’: David Eason Has Been Arrested for Assault With a Deadly Weapon

David Eason and Jenelle Evans’ renewed marital bliss was short-lived. Evans moved back to North Carolina before the Coronavirus lockdown, and things appeared to be going well, but fans noticed serious drama brewing, once again, two weeks ago. First, Evans and Eason traded insults on Facebook; then, fans noticed Evans was on social media without her wedding ring. The problems didn’t stop there, though. David Eason was arrested on June 12, and the charges are pretty serious.

David Eason has been arrested

Eason has had an eventful week. The father of three was picked up by police on Thursday evening for failing to appear in court. The failure to appear arrest stemmed from an old misdemeanor charge, according to The Ashley Reality Roundup Group. He was released on bond the same evening.

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Twenty-four hours later, police were once again getting acquainted with Eason. At roughly 8:30 pm on June 12, police booked Eason for assault with a deadly weapon. An additional charge for issuing threats was later added. The charges reportedly stem from an argument between Eason and an unnamed man who was helping Evans move her belongings out of the couple’s home. Eason reportedly hit his victim with a gun, causing injury to his head and neck. The argument is said to have started when Eason couldn’t find his car keys.

David Eason is no stranger to the police

While Eason’s latest arrest is a pretty serious one, he is no stranger to the police. Eason, who once took to Facebook to insist that Evans was the real problem in his life, was arrested multiple times before he met Evans and several times during their marriage, too.

According to Starcasm, Eason was arrested four times in 2012. Then 23, Eason spent time in jail for breaking and entering. He was also arrested for possession charges, driving under the influence and reckless driving. In 2013 and 2014, he was booked for driving while impaired. Eason also failed to appear at a court date in 2014, leading to another arrest.  

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The trouble didn’t end when he met Evans, either. Over 12 months in 2019, 25 calls were placed to 911 from the couple’s home or about the residence. The FBI visited Eason after he shared his weapons stockpile with the public, and he was arrested after he uploaded a video of himself illegally towing a vehicle. Eason also found himself in trouble for failing to pay his child support, and for shooting and killing the family dog.  

Could David Eason face jail time?

Whether or not Eason will face jail time is entirely dependent on how the charges are classified. While some assault charges may be classified as a misdemeanor, it appears as though Eason’s charge is being classified as a felony.

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According to Browning & Long, a Class E felony assault charge carries a prison term of between 15 and 31 months. A Class C felony could land Eason in jail for up to six years. His first appearance in court will take place on July 6, according to Us Weekly, although it could take several months for a final verdict to be reached. At the moment, though, Eason is a free man.