‘Teen Mom 2’: Did Jenelle Evans Just Admit to Staging a Robbery?

Former Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans, is clearly back with her ex, David Eason, even though she doesn’t want to admit it publicly. Fans have noticed plenty of signs that the mother of three is back in North Carolina with her former love, and now, she’s taken to social media to pretty much implicate herself in a robbery. So, did Evans have something to do with the alleged burglary of her home while she was living in a different state? It seems likely.

David claimed he was robbed while he was out of town

Eason took to social media to claim he was robbed while he was out of town. Allegedly, on or around Nov. 27, Eason was in Tennessee to deal with some legal issues. In fact, he was in the state to respond to the order of protection that was taken out against him by Evans. When he returned home to North Carolina, he claims his home had been ransacked, and that several expensive items had been pilfered.

Eason reportedly called the police and filed a report, but nothing seemed to come of it. While he never named Evans in the report, he was pretty quick to point the finger at her on social media. Eason claimed that guns, tools, boats, hunting equipment, and four-wheelers were stolen, and he seemed pretty confident that Evans was involved, according to Starcasm.  Evans, of course, denied the allegations.

Jenelle may have admitted she had something to do with the robbery

It’s been months since Eason last mentioned the theft, but now Evans appears to be hinting at her own involvement. The mother of three took to Facebook to call out her two friends, Katrina and Shawn, claiming they have several of her items and that she’d like them back. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Evans left the comment on a Facebook page that belongs to a business reportedly owned by the pair.

A little detective work on the part of fans shows that Katrina and Shawn posted to social media about a big surprise day back in November 2019, when they gifted their children with a slew of presents. The gifts ranged from kayaks to ATVs. Strangely enough, many of the gifts lined up with what Eason claims was stolen from his property. The big surprise day was two days after Eason reported the alleged theft on his property.

Are Jenelle and David back together?

While Evans and Eason are denying that they are back together, there is plenty of evidence that pretty much proves their marriage is back on. Evans was not in Tennesse at the time of the tornados that ripped through the area, and she was also spotted shopping for a dog bed with Eason recently.

Evans has since taken to Instagram to introduce the family’s new pet, a dog named Rosey, to her fans, and by all accounts, the dog is residing in the house that Evans and Eason dubbed “the land.” If and when the pair will publicly admit they are reconciled remains unknown.