‘Teen Mom 2’: Is the Show Real or Fake?

Teen Mom 2

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The ladies of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 have certainly had a whole lot of crazy moments and drama over the years but while viewers just can’t seem to get enough many have questioned if the show is real or fake. There have been allegations in the past that the storylines are embellished and that producers stage scenes then tell the moms what to say and do.

So is what we see on the show really accurate? Well, that depends on which TM2 star you ask. Here’s what Jenelle, Leah, Kailyn, Chelsea, and even one of the male stars had to say about whether or not the show is scripted.

Leah Messer

Many of the women have expressed their displeasure over how MTV edits their scenes and have claimed that the show is fake for that very reason.

In April 2016, Leah Messer was so unhappy with how her story was portrayed that she took to Twitter to call the series “fake” herself.

“I’m 99.9% sure those feelings were mutual,” she tweeted about a conversation she had with her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert. “I could go into detail, but won’t. Oh, how I love this fake a#% TV show #SoOverIt.”

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn has accused MTV of switching around the sequence of her scenes, which she claims made her storylines look very different from what was really happening.

After an episode which aired on July 31, 2017, Kail ripped the network over poor editing tweeting, “They did [that] several times on tonight’s episodes. And provoked the scene with Isaac crying at dinner!!! And I lost my mind!!!”

Chelsea Houska

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Chelsea Houska is in agreement with Kailyn over the bad editing and called MTV out as well when something bothered her about one of her scenes.

“Just a little something that irked me about the show tonight. Theres a part where I say, ‘I feel like it’s taking away from Cole’s experience,'” she wrote.

Chelsea also complained about how a conversation that took place at one point in time was “taken out of context” and added to another scene “for some reason.”

Jenelle Evans

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Surprisingly the TM2 star with the most drama, Jenelle Evans, has denied that the show is staged or scripted in any way.

In Septemeber 2018, the mother of three answered fans’ questions about the authenticity of the show and storylines when she was asked, “Is Teen Mom 2 staged?” Jenelle simply replied “nope” but then got more specific when another viewer wanted to know, “When shooting for teen mom do u [sic] get told what to do by producers or all this stuff actually happens?”

To that, she responded by explaining, “No, they just ask us to talk about recent things that have gone on [that] they missed.”

Javi Marroquin

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Like Jenelle, Kailyn’s ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, also went on record to say that the show is real despite what his ex and a few of the other ladies have claimed.

“This is our story. I don’t know how editing is so bad when no one is forcing us to say the things we do,” he told In Touch. “We control our story, so I never understand that. Yes, they may cut some things out, but we should be cognizant about what we say knowing they may cut some things out.”

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