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Former Teen Mom OG star, Farrah Abraham has a lot of theories and she’s not afraid to share them. Back in November 2019, Abraham weighed in on Jenelle Evans’ decision to leave David Eason and move to Nashville. While she was initially proud, she was also a bit skeptical. In fact, she questioned her motivation. While most fans don’t really care what motivated Evans to finally walk away, it looks like it might be an important factor in how things play out moving forward.

It looks like Jenelle Evans divorce is not proceeding after a final decision from MTV

MTV has made their final call on Evans, it seems. In recent days, the production house behind Teen Mom 2 issued a regurgitated statement that they will not be working with Evans in the upcoming season. With a contract set to expire in April 2020, it looks like the clock has run out for Evans and Teen Mom 2. While the mother of three claims she is excited to look at other television projects once her contract is officially over, having the final call made still has to sting a little.

It was rumored that Evans was meeting with the executives at MTV following her decision to separate from Eason. In fact, it looked like she would be coming back, but that option is gone now. Evans’ behavior in the days following the statement is telling, as well. Back in November 2019, Evans filed for a restraining order against Eason. The order was granted and extended several times before she requested to drop it. A judge complied, and just like that, Evans and Eason were spotted together. The pair were seen in January 2020 with their daughter, Ensley.

While Evans insisted she was just trying to co-parent with Eason, things took a turn toward romance on Feb. 9. Evans and Eason were spotted grabbing drinks together. TMZ published photos of the pair together, sans Ensley, at a bar in Nashville. With no divorce papers filed, the former couple looks to be on the road to reconciliation, and followers can’t help but wonder if the divorce was a ploy all along.

Farrah Abraham thought the divorce was an attempt to get back on TV

Abraham never seemed sold on the whole divorce idea. While she initially said she was proud of Evans for walking away from her reported abuser, she later backpedaled and claimed she feared that Evans was likely proceeding with the divorce as a ploy to get back on television. Abraham’s concerns appear to be valid.

Farrah Abraham attends the 71st Emmy Awards at Microsoft Theater on September 22, 2019
Farrah Abraham | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Evans’ inability to return to Teen Mom 2, even after dumping Eason to the curb, seems to be influencing her decisions. Perhaps she thinks another network will take her on with Eason in tow, even though MTV wouldn’t. Maybe she’s right, but it seems to be a pretty big gamble. Fans will need to wait and see how this all plays out, but considering the fact that divorce paperwork hasn’t even been filed, it’s possible that they are working it out.

Farrah claimed she stepped back from the drama

Abraham had a lot to say about Evans’ potential divorce, then she inexplicably walked away from the drama entirely. Sitting down with a podcast, Abraham said she had blocked Evans amid her alleged divorce proceedings, but that she did so as an act of love. The mother of one and Evans have connected and disconnected from one another multiple times over the years, and while Abraham claims she wasn’t going to reach out to Evans while the divorce was underway, she said that she hoped to reconnect at a later date.

That doesn’t seem likely now. If the divorce is no longer happening, Abraham probably won’t be hanging out with Evans. That might be a good thing for her, too. Eason is universally disliked by the current and former cast of the Teen Mom franchise and the world at large.