‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle Evans Apparently Has Plenty Of Ideas for Her Career Moving Forward

MTV seems to be done with Jenelle Evans. While the production company has seemingly given their final word on the Evans situation, the mother of three insists that everything isn’t said and done just yet. While Evans seems to be holding out some hope that she could return to Teen Mom 2, she’s also exploring other options. In fact, she claims to have a lot of TV ideas that she simply can’t act on until her contract is up. There is one problem with her plan, though. Evans is having a pretty hard time articulating exactly what she plans to do.

Is MTV indeed done dealing with Jenelle Evans?

MTV has been pretty steadfast in their decision not to film Evans. While most fans believe the production house is totally over her antics, the wording of their statements on the subject have been pretty noncommittal. Most recently, the team behind the franchise offered up a canned response about Evans’ future with the franchise. In the statement, they noted that they had no plans on filming Evans going forward. Never at any point did they suggest they would never entertain her again, though.

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According to In Touch, an insider claims MTV could really go either way on Evans at this point. She is a ratings booster because fans tune in to see what mess she’ll get herself into next, but David Eason might be a dealbreaker for the network. If they choose to release her in April, another network could take a chance on her, though.

When is Jenelle Evans free to work on alternative projects?

Evans has claimed to be in limbo with MTV since April 2019. That is when the production company behind Teen Mom 2 stopped filming with her. While most fans believe MTV’s decision was directly linked to Eason’s deplorable actions against the family dog, Nugget, it seems like the production company was toying with the idea of cutting Evans out long before the event took place. Eason made it exponentially harder to film Evans, as he refused to stay away from the set.

Regardless of when the team stopped working with Evans, she still has a contract. While MTV isn’t filming with her, she’s not free to explore alternative options until April 2020. That is when her contract will officially end. If MTV chooses to not move forward with another deal, which seems like the most likely scenario, she can then shop around for other opportunities. Whether or not other opportunities will exist for the troubled mother of three is an entirely different discussion.

What is Jenelle Evans going to do once her MTV contract ends?

Evans says she’s just waiting for her contract to expire with MTV before she starts moving forward on other projects, but in a sit-down interview, she had a difficult time articulating exactly what projects she wants to work on. Speaking with Pop Culture, Evans said,  “I have a lot of show ideas — a lot of different reality show ideas. Kind of like Bachelor-like style ideas, dating ideas, you know young mom ideas basically — I wouldn’t say teenagers though.” 

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Evans is apparently open to being in front of the camera, or behind it, if that’s where her career takes her. Still, she seems to be entertaining the notion of returning to Teen Mom 2, even while she claims to be actively distancing herself. She told the publication that MTV was “iffy” about what they’d like to do moving forward. That doesn’t seem to be accurate, though, MTV has been pretty steadfast in their decision not to film Evans. If rumors of Evans returning to her estranged husband are correct, a return to Teen Mom 2 seems even more unlikely.