‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle Evans Asks Fans to Pray for Kaiser as He Suffers From an ‘Infected Abscess in His Groin’

Jenelle Evans has been struggling when it comes to her kids. Whether it’s custody battles or health scares, the former Teen Mom 2 star hasn’t had an easy run of things. Earlier in the month, she revealed that her son Kaiser was in the hospital. Now, more information about his condition has come out.

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans | Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

Kaiser was admitted to the hospital

A few days ago, Evans shared a photo of her and Kaiser in the hospital to her Instagram stories. She captioned the image, “Bubba has infected lymph nodes for a while now and waiting on answers.” Later, she also shared a picture of Kaiser in a hospital bed and asked fans to “pray for Bubba.”

On Nov. 11, Evans took to Instagram to shed more light on the situation.

“Please keep Bubba in your thoughts and prayers!” she captioned the photo of them in the hospital. “He has an infected abscess in his groin that is infecting his lymph nodes. He’s been on multiple medications and hopefully this next antibiotic works.”

In the comment’s section, Evans revealed that Kaiser has been sick for a while.

“Kaiser’s been to the doctor for a month now,” she responded to one person. “This is the reason why he’s already on his 3rd antibiotic.”

She later revealed that she has kept quiet about the condition for a while.

“This is the first time I’m mentioning it to all of you… but this problem has been watched for a while now,” she wrote to another follower.

Kaiser’s custody battle

Kaiser has been making headlines quite a bit recently as Evans and his father Nathan Griffith have been fighting over custody of him. Earlier this year, Griffith accused Evans and her husband David Eason of abusing Kaiser.

“Since NOOOOO one is hearing, I will say this. @ColCoES will not help, social services tried their hardest but NOOOO one listened … [It] makes me [realize] there is something wrong with the justice system,” he wrote in since-deleted tweets, captured by In Touch. “How do you [explain] marks on my son’s back, [his] black eye, whip marks on his rear end, continuous police investigation. Charges against David Eason for multiple violence and aggressive behavior … NOTHING HAPPENS. What am I supposed to do besides being a panic parent!”

Evans denied those claims, saying that Griffith never even came to her about the allegations.

“I have proof he was OK for his week visit with his father,” she tweeted. “I didn’t have one concerning phone call made to me or any reports of injuries. He’s just an adorable happy normal little man. #MommasBoy.”

Evans and Griffith have since reached a custody agreement regarding Kaiser. Evans retains primary custody of Kaiser and Griffith is allowed to keep Kaiser every other weekend. On weekends where Griffith is not able to take Kaiser, his mother is also allowed to keep the child.

“I’m happy we were able to work it out and reach an agreement outside of court,” Evans told E! News. “We’re finally ready to all get along and not spend thousands of dollars in court fees.”