‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle Evans Is Back to Defending David Eason on Social Media

Jenelle Evans is working overtime to defend her reportedly abusive husband, David Eason on social media. Fans thought Evans was making positive strides after she left Eason in November 2019. The changes didn’t last long, and in the last 30 days, Evans has seemingly reverted to her former self. Not only did she move back in with Eason, but her social media activity is awfully reminiscent of her past activity, and fans are completely over it.

Jenelle posted about her broken phone, prompting concerns from fans

Evans ignited concern from fans when she took to social media to inform her followers that her phone was smashed and that she would need to be contacted via social media if anyone was trying to get in touch with her.  The post, along with several follow-ups, caused followers to worry that Evans had, once again, found herself in a volatile situation.

The first post came on April 1, followed quickly by a second social media post suggesting that Evans couldn’t trust anyone. In Touch notes that fans immediately assumed there was trouble in North Carolina. After all, Evans had accused Eason of several instances of domestic violence, and there has been serious concern from experts that domestic violence incidents could tick up during the quarantine. Evans didn’t feel the urge to explain why her phone was broken.

Jenelle is back to defending David at every turn

Several days later, she decided to take to Instagram to set the record straight. Followers quickly noted that Evans appeared to be back to her old tricks. Those tricks include defending Eason on social media. In an Instagram Story, Evans chastised followers for assuming every post is about Eason. Instead, she claims her posts were more about having a bad day because of the quarantine and being cooped up with her children.

There is one problem with her post, though; Evans never bothered to explain exactly how her phone was rendered unusable, or whom she can’t trust. If Evans is abiding by the shelter in place rules, she wouldn’t have contact with anyone but Eason and her children most days. Fans find it hard to believe that she would be finding it hard to trust the kids. That leaves Eason as the only viable culprit, but Evans won’t confirm it.

Why did Jenelle move back to North Carolina?

Evans’ move back to North Caroline shocked followers, who truly believed the mother of three was thriving in Tennessee. Evans later suggested she made the move back for the benefit of her children, although fans aren’t buying it. After all, Evans claimed, in legal documents, that Eason was abusive towards the children, as well as towards her.

Fans have surmised that Evans decided to head back home when a different romance didn’t pan out. During her time in Tennessee, Evans was linked to a Boston-area man. She appeared on his Instagram several times in late 2019, but the romance quickly soured. Both Evans and her alleged beau, Herbert Wilkinson, took to social media to talk trash about each other.