‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle Evans Is Excited to Be Free, but Will She Ever Work Again?

It’s officially April, and that means one thing for Teen Mom 2 fans; the timer on Jenelle Evans’ MTV contract has officially expired. While MTV has publicly acknowledged that they had no plans on filming Evans again, the expiration of her contract appears to be the production company’s final call. Evans, however, seems to be taking it in stride. In fact, she took to Twitter to let her fans know she’s excited about her future. What, exactly, that will entail is anyone’s guess, though.

Jenelle Evans’ contract with MTV officially expired in April

Evans’ contract is officially up. The North Carolina native took to social media back in February to inform her fans that her contract with MTV expired in April 2020, and that she would begin shopping for a new network at that time. The troubled teen mom insisted that the only reason she hadn’t yet returned to television was because of the contract, although fans find that suspect.

Evans also suggested that MTV was “back and forth” on whether or not they wanted to extend her contract, according to OK Magazine. Now that April has officially come, it looks like MTV has made a final call. Evans was not offered a contract extension, and the team doesn’t appear at all interested in working with her again.

Fans may recall that Evans was booted from the series in 2019, when her husband, David Eason, shot and killed the family dog. Evans spent several months defending Eason’s actions until she decided to separate from him in November 2019. She has since moved back home and appears to be patching things up with Eason.

Jenelle claims to be excited about future ventures

Evans, who seemed to be holding out hope of returning to MTV, has completely changed her tune as of late. For months, Evans appeared to be entertaining the notion of returning to the famed reality TV show, but now that it’s no longer an option, she has a different take on the situation. In fact, she seems downright giddy.

Evans took to Twitter to share her thoughts on April 5. In the short post, she stated that she was happy to be in full control of her future. She ended the post with a television emoji and a heart emoji. While she never mentioned MTV by name, followers got the message, but many are wondering if Evans should really be jazzed about being unemployed. Some believe she’ll struggle mightily to find another network interested in working with her, and it seems unlikely she’ll garner the same massive paycheck even if another network was willing to give her a look.

Followers don’t think the mother of three will work again

While Evans might be stoked about the prospect of being free from her MTV contract, followers aren’t so sure she should be jumping for joy. Evans has yet to mention any viable TV projects in the works, and at last check, no network was even considering offering her a show. Evans even once suggested she had a Netflix deal on the table. Netflix later rebuked her claims.

So, what options does that leave for Evans? Not many it would seem. She attempted some YouTube content in the past, and that seemed to fall flat with followers. She also briefly promoted a Twitch channel she was launching, although her subscriber count was slow to grow, and it appears as though she’s abandoned the plan. Her eyebrow kit didn’t sell well, and the team she worked with on the project publicly parted ways with the former MTV star several months ago.

If Evans is cooking something up, she’s keeping it low key for now. Fans will need to wait and see what, if anything, comes of her newfound freedom. For now, her activity on Twitter and Instagram will need to suffice.