‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle Evans is Getting Back in Shape Amid Divorce Proceedings

After spending a couple of months settling into Nashville, Jenelle Evans is back on social media. In the face of her divorce from David Eason, she seems to be making some serious changes. She has a new address, a rumored new boyfriend, and apparently, she’s looking to debut a brand new body. Evans has apparently been working out at the gym, and she might just have her sights set on a revenge body.

Jenelle was recently body-shamed on Instagram

Evans, once slim and trim, took to Instagram recently to share a photo of herself. While most commenters were supportive of the mother of three, a few internet trolls did pop in to give the former reality TV star a little grief. Several commenters focused on Evans’ recent weight gain, and while fans quickly batted them back, the comments seemed to stick.

Evans’ soon-to-be-ex, Eason, enjoyed body-shaming women via Instagram and Twitter. He famously called out Kailyn Lowry for her curves. While several media outlets praised Lowry for photos she shared while in Hawaii with her three sons, Eason felt the urge to call her fat. Lowry clapped back, but fans haven’t forgotten his comments.

Did Evans gain weight because of her troubled marriage?

Evans never seemed to have a serious issue with her weight. From the time she appeared on 16 and Pregnant until she was booted from Teen Mom 2 after Eason shot and killed the family dog, she maintained a pretty slim figure. Sure, everyone goes through ebbs and flows, but one would never call Evans overweight.

When trouble kicked up between the couple, culminating in the removal of three of their five collective children from their home, Evans appeared to pack on some pounds. Followers even questioned if she was pregnant with her fourth child after photos of her and her family at a wedding surfaced. She insisted that she wasn’t and instead had just gotten “fat.”

It’s possible that Evans’ sudden weight gain had a little something to do with all the turmoil in her life. According to Psychology Today, emotional eaters tend to eat in an attempt to avoid difficult feelings. Because Evans had been fired, lost her children and was floundering to find an income source, all while dealing with an abusive husband, it wouldn’t be shocking to find out she was eating to fill some kind of void. Evans has never suggested emotional eating was a problem for her, but it very well could have been.

Evans seems determined to return with a revenge body

Facing life as a single parent, at least for now, Evans appears determined to prove her haters wrong. After she was shamed for packing on the pounds, she shared a couple of new snapshots, including a photo from the gym. Evans noted that her body was returning, and some followers think she’s working out to craft a revenge body that will make Eason jealous.

Jenelle Evans in New York City
Jenelle Evans | Nancy Rivera/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Evans is allegedly dating a new man, but some of Eason’s insults had to still sting. The troubled father of three called Evans “stupid” and suggested he never loved her in the first place, shortly after their split. He also spoke out via social media to suggest Evans was lazy and that he had spent years cleaning up after her.