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It is official, Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry are not interested in forgiving or forgetting. The Teen Mom 2  costars kicked off a bitter feud that ended in a fistfight two years ago. In recent months, things appeared to quiet down, and their feud seemed to enter something of a cold war. Now, though, the public battle is back on, as the pair exchanged insults via Twitter. So, what was the battle all about?

How did Kailyn and Briana’s feud start?

The bad blood between Lowry and DeJesus kicked off in 2017 when DeJesus began dating Lowry’s ex-husband, Javi Marroquin. The tension remained lowkey until Marroquin confirmed his relationship with DeJesus in October 2017. As soon as he confirmed that things were getting serious, Lowry took issue with it, according to In Touch.

Lowry took to social media to berate DeJesus and even suggested that Teen Mom 2 was in a ratings slump because of DeJesus. A brawl at a reunion special seemed to be the peak of the feud. Marroquin and DeJesus eventually split, and things seemed to go quiet. That doesn’t mean the costars have mended fences. Based on recent social media activity, the feud is still, very much, a thing.

Briana and Kailyn exchanged insults on Twitter

The feud kicked back into full gear after Lowry posted pregnancy photos to her social media account. The photo, which has now been deleted, was definitely a bit strange, and fans wasted no time letting Lowry know it. DeJesus was one of the followers who chimed in. Instead of saying something snarky, she decided to comment with several laughing emojis. The subtle shade didn’t sit well with Lowry.

Lowry replied with a reference to DeJesus’ 2015 revenge porn scandal. Back in 2015, DeJesus’ ex, Shakiel “Shoc” Brown, was arrested after he posted explicit material of DeJesus’ online, according to Starcasm. Brown is not the father of either of her children.

DeJesus clapped back, suggesting that Lowry should continue being “beat” by Chris Lopez. This is not the first time that DeJesus has referenced alleged domestic violence incidents between the former flames. Lowry currently has an order of protection against Lopez, who is the father of her third son, Lux, and is also the father of her unborn child.

When is Kailyn Lowry due with her fourth child?

While the drama continues between DeJesus and Lowry, at least one of them is pretty busy. Lowry is expecting her fourth child. While she hasn’t given an exact due date, it’s assumed that the new baby should arrive in July 2020.

Lowry’s pregnancy was revealed without her consent by a Lopez family member weeks before she took to Instagram to share the news. A now-private Instagram account attributed to the family member shared ultrasound photos and assigned them to Lowry. Fans were quick to notice that the nails in the picture matched Lowry’s nail art. Lopez went on to confirm that he is the father, he also revealed the gender of the baby before Lowry.