‘Teen Mom 2’: Kailyn Lowry Is Still Searching for the Perfect Name for Baby Number 4

Kailyn Lowry has locked down her Twitter account in the face of multiple personal attacks. Teen Mom 2 followers seem to have a serious issue with Lowry’s decision to have a fourth baby, and they have no problem telling her so. Her Instagram, however, remains active and public. While Lowry has addressed the hate she’s received, she also recently admitted that her upcoming baby is still nameless.

Kailyn Lowry can’t figure out what to name her fourth son

Lowry is due with her fourth son in July 2020, and while she still has a bit of time to make a decision as to the baby’s name, she has admitted she’s having a hard time coming up with something that feels right. She took to Instagram recently to let fans know she isn’t sure what her future child will be named, but she’s hoping to avoid heading to the hospital without a list at the ready and she is willing to take suggestions from fans and loved ones.  

It took Lowry a while to name her third son, Lux Russell. In fact, the youngster, who was nicknamed “Baby Lo,” went nameless for more than a month after his birth. Eventually, Lowry showed up at the hospital to register Lux’s birth with a bag of baby names. According to In Touch, a nurse picked out a piece of paper from the bag and revealed the baby’s name. Lux it was, and apparently, it was Lowry’s first choice. Another option was, apparently, Benji.

Lowry isn’t interested in a name theme

Several fans have suggested that Lowry should consider giving her newest addition a name that begins with the letter “I” to match her eldest son, Isaac’s name. Lowry stated, on Instagram, that she isn’t necessarily looking to follow a theme. Two of Lowry’s three children have names that begin with an L, but, clearly, that was a coincidence.

She did not mention if she’s working with her ex, Chris Lopez, to come up with a name for baby number 4. Lopez, who let the gender of the couple’s new addition slip, is currently barred from contacting Lowry. Lowry took out an order of protection against Lopez back in October 2019, right around the time she found out she was expecting another baby. Lopez is the father of Lowry’s 2-year-old, Lux, and is also the father of the upcoming child.

Lowry tried to keep the news quiet, but that didn’t happen

Lowry tried to keep her fourth pregnancy secret for a bit, but it didn’t take long for rumors to start swirling. Lopez’s aunt leaked an ultrasound photo back in January and attributed the photo to Lowry. She also outed her nephew as the father of the new addition. Lowry kept things quiet and didn’t confirm nor deny the allegations for another month.

In February, she finally shared a family photo that confirmed her pregnancy. Several weeks later, she shared the news that she’d be adding another little boy to her family, but Lopez had already leaked that information. Lowry might be happy about welcoming another baby into her family, but clearly she isn’t thrilled with Lopez, she’s taken to social media to throw shade at him several times over the course of her pregnancy, even suggesting he does absolutely nothing for Lux.