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Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry doesn’t have a relationship with her parents. Her father left early and when they finally did meet when she was 17, Lowry was less than impressed. And Lowry’s mother was (according to her, still is) addicted to alcohol.

Kailyn Lowry | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
Kailyn Lowry | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Lowry’s opened up to her fans before about growing up with an absent father and a mom who was addicted to drinking. She’s spoken/written before about how painful it was for her to learn about the world without a support system.

In her 2014 book, Pride Over Pity, Lowry writes about a time her mother tried to get sober.

“When I was a teen, I recall my mother trying to get help but it seemed like she was not able to stop drinking. The nine months when I felt she was sober held so many beautiful possibilities and made me feel like life could be so wondrous. I felt myself wanting to be around her more. Sadly, I only felt this way for a short time,” she wrote.

Why Kailyn Lowry decided to cut her mom out of her life

Lowry also opened up about cutting her mom out of her life. It’s simple to the reality star: If she’s been drinking, Lowry won’t tolerate it.

“I don’t want my mom in my life until I feel she’s accepted responsibility for how I’ve seen her behave. It hasn’t exactly been easy for me to block her out completely, but now that she doesn’t contact me very often, I’ve found keeping her out to be much more manageable,” she wrote.

Lowry continued: “I will always gladly speak to her if I feel she hasn’t been drinking, but if I hear the slightest bit of a slur, I will set the phone down. I have a choice now.” 

Now that Lowry’s a mother herself, she feels her parents’ mistakes that much deeper.

“I try to convince myself that my mother did the best job she could raising me. Do I fully believe that? No, not really. Forgiveness does not come easy. As a mother, I’d do anything for Isaac. I’d make any sacrifice to provide him with the best life possible,” she wrote.

Lowry continued: “I believe that’s what being a parent is all about–putting your child before yourself. I don’t feel like my mother or father ever did that for me.” 

What Kailyn Lowry feels her parents taught her

But Lowry does feel her mother (and her father) taught her one valuable lesson: what not to do.

“I feel like they taught me a huge parental lesson: what kind of parent not to be. It’s like a handbook of rules and regulations type of thing. 101 Ways You Shouldn’t Treat Your Child. 1,000 Situations You Should Never Put Your Child in. So that’s it. There’s no magical, happy ending to my relationship or lack thereof with my parents. I don’t expect anything to change,” she writes.

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