‘Teen Mom 2’: Kailyn Lowry ‘Might Be Done’ Having Kids After Fourth Child, Definitely Doesn’t Want More Than 6

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry gave birth to her fourth child, Creed, on July 30, 2020. Creed shares the same father, Chris Lopez, with Lowry’s son Lux (3). The reality star also shares Lincoln (6) with her ex-husband Javi Marroquin and Isaac (10) with her ex Jo Rivera.

Lowry has always wanted a big family. But she thinks, after her Creed, she just may be done.

Kailyn Lowry at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards
Kailyn Lowry | Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Kailyn Lowry: ‘This time I might be done’

On the Nov. 5 episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, Lowry spoke about the possibility of having more children.

“I’m not gonna say that I’m gonna have another child because I truly don’t know,” she said. “It’s not on my radar anytime soon. And I always say this, every time I’m trying to get my life on track and I end up pregnant again. I know this. This time I might be done. Like, this time I might for real be done. I’ve got four f*cking kids.”

Right now, especially, Lowry is just over having a messy house.

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“I’m not really down to have a starting five basketball team,” she said. “I’m kind of over that, and I feel like, literally, I’m sick of the toilet seats being up, the dirty socks everywhere, I really am just like, ‘Clean up your sh*t.’”

“Lux is finally just potty trained, and I have one more left and I think I might be done,” Lowry added.

Kailyn Lowry shut down a troll who said they ‘wouldn’t be surprised’ if she got pregnant again after Creed

Lowry is, unfortunately, no stranger to online hate. When she announced that she was pregnant with her fourth child, she received a DM from a Teen Mom 2 fan saying: “[I] wouldn’t be surprised if you get pregnant after this birth all over again.”

The reality star screenshotted the message and shared it to her stories on July 7.

“Me neither. What’s your point?” she wrote on the post, adding a laughing emoji.

Kailyn Lowry wants a big family but not more than 6 kids

Lowry grew up without any siblings. So when she started having children, she always wanted them to have brothers or sisters to play with.

“I just feel like, I’ve said it before, I’m sure these people are sick of hearing me say it, but I just didn’t have siblings and, like, family before. And so, like, having a big family was always — I don’t want to say always but since I started having kids — I think I always wanted my kids to have siblings,” Lowry said on another episode of Coffee Convos.

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But Lowry also said that she doesn’t want more than six children.

“Six is my max,” she said. “I don’t think I would have… I’m not confirming or denying, I’m just saying that I would not have more than six.”