‘Teen Mom 2’: Kailyn Lowry Says She’s ‘Closed the Chapter’ on Her Relationship With Her Sister

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry’s podcast, Baby Mamas No Drama, with her ex Jo Rivera’s wife, Vee Torres Rivera, became an immediate smash hit. Fans of Lowry’s other podcast, Coffee Convos, with Lindsie Chrisley, eagerly tuned in to hear how the 28-year-old mom of four navigates her complicated co-parenting relationship with Rivera and Torres.

On a recent episode of Baby Mamas No Drama, Torres and Lowry, both 28, discussed their rocky family relationships. Torres, who is a devoted stepmom to Rivera and Lowry’s son Isaac and mom to daughter Vivi, opened up about her difficult relationship with her estranged father.

Meanwhile, Lowry reflected on her relationships with her half-sister, Mikaila Shelburne (from her long-absent father Raymond’s side), and her mother, Suzi Irwin, who reportedly wrestled with addiction and alcohol abuse during Lowry’s childhood.

Kailyn Lowry
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Torres said she often felt her dad didn’t reciprocate her efforts to reach out and build a bond

On Baby Mamas No Drama, Torres let listeners in on a little more of her personal history. While she’d always been close with her mother, Torres said her relationship with her father had always been strained and rocky, with the two of them often going without speaking for years at a time. As a result, Torres’ relationships with her four siblings on her dad’s side were also estranged.

Now that Torres was older, the Teen Mom 2 cast member said, she and her father lived mostly “separate lives.” She told Lowry that she was especially hurt by her father’s failure to reach out when she achieved major milestones in life, such as giving birth to her daughter Vivi with Rivera, or when her beloved grandfather passed away.

“We weren’t talking for so long – like, years,” Torres revealed on Baby Mamas No Drama. Her parental dynamic with him was also skewed. She often felt that she served as her dad’s “rock” and had to behave as his parent rather than the other way around.

Eventually, Torres told Lowry sadly, she learned to let go of the hope that her dad would actively reciprocate her efforts to build a solid connection.

“He’s always going to have something going on or keeping him from reaching out,” she confessed.  

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Lowry said she’d moved on from her attempts to build a relationship with her sister

Lowry related to her Baby Mamas No Drama co-host on several levels in terms of her own family history. Like Torres, she had decided not to put much effort into reconnecting with her half-sister on her dad’s side.

Shelburne and Lowry reconnected on MTV and tried to build a relationship over the years. But their bond was punctuated by several arguments. Most recently, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Lowry’s half-sister spoke out against her portrayal on Teen Mom 2 when she cancelled a visit with Lowry in Dallas due to a severe dog bite.

Now, Lowry seemed to imply that she was moving on from her half-sister entirely.

“I completely closed the chapter on my relationship between my sister and me,” she told Torres. “We didn’t know each other our whole lives, and now that we’re adults, it’s so hard.”

The mom of four added that, as kids, they didn’t have social media or cell phones, so they were never able to keep in touch. Now, she hinted, the rift between them seemed too big to mend.

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The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star said she now had no relationship with her mom

In keeping with the theme of reflecting on lost and estranged family members, Lowry contemplated her difficult relationship with her mom. Irwin and Lowry often had a strained relationship over the years, especially due to Irwin’s history of addiction and alcoholism during her daughter’s childhood.

The Teen Mom 2 star said her mom had actually called her a year earlier. She surprised herself by feeling that she needed to hear what her mom had to say, despite the fact that they no longer had any kind of relationship. While the loss of her mom in her life didn’t make her feel “upset or anxious” at this point, Lowry wondered why she felt so obligated to hear her out.

“People ask me all the time, ‘What is the relationship status with you and your mom?’” Lowry went on to say. “And there is none. I’m so firm in my decision of keeping her out of my life right now.”

Lowry added that, given her history, she felt the decision to cut her mom out of her life was best for not only her, but her young children as well.