‘Teen Mom 2’: Kailyn Lowry Has Always Believed This Triggered Her Mother’s Alcohol Addiction

Teen pregnancy completely aside, Kailyn Lowry had a difficult time growing up. Her father was out of the picture and her mom was addicted to alcohol, which resulted in a young Lowry being left alone more often than not.

Kailyn Lowry | Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Star Magazine
Kailyn Lowry | Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Star Magazine

In her book Pride Over Pity Lowry opens up about how her mom’s addiction affected her life. She writes about having to lie for her mom to cover for her and feeling incredibly lost and lonely.

It’s no wonder that, from a young age, Lowry started looking for a sense of family in romantic partners.

What Kailyn Lowry believes triggered her mother’s alcoholism

In Lowry’s 2014 book, she reflects on the event she believes first triggered her mother’s addiction.

“It was hard for me feeling that my mother seemed to choose alcohol over me, but my sense has always been that she drank to mask the pain of losing her sister, Jodi, who was killed in a car accident when they were in high school. My mother has never really recovered from the loss,” she wrote.

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Lowry says her mother and Jodi were “opposites.” They had a “sisterly rivalry.”

“Representing the two spectrums as varsity cheerleaders, my mom was the partier and Jodi was the studious one who kept out of trouble. The night of my Aunt Jodi’s death, they had gone out together, but eventually parted ways. At around 11:00 p.m. word had begun to spread about a terrible car accident. My mom ran to the scene, fearing the worst,” she wrote.

Jodi was taken to the hospital in an ambulance where she was announced brain dead.

“My mom told me that my grandparents made the painful decision to pull her off of life support,” she wrote.

Lowry thinks her mother is still very much affected by the loss of her sister.

“Maybe the large lurking shadow my mother seems to always be running from is Jodi’s memory. No matter what my mom does, she can never live up to the memory of the “good” sister who died so tragically,” the reality star wrote.

Lowry believes “the demons that had consumed my mother were now doing permanent damage to my well-being.”

Kailyn Lowry began fighting in school

She began acting out in school, her behavior growing more rebellious in nature by the day.

“I was getting into fights at my high school. At first my defiance was mostly verbal. Anyone I disagreed with would get attitude from me. I talked back to teachers, peers, anyone who rubbed me the wrong way. Occasionally, I got physical and would throw a punch at the person bothering me. The consequences from my aggressive behavior began with in-school suspensions, but eventually I landed a ten-day out of school suspension,” she wrote.

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Looking back, Lowry believes her “acting out” was an obvious sign that she was troubled.

“In retrospect, this acting out was an outlet form my anger and frustration. It also placed in me [sic] a particular group of friends the way smoking pot did,” she wrote.

As 16 and Pregnant fans know, Lowry’s life sort of went off the rails from there. She had no one at home to guide her and she was acting out of “anger and frustration.”

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